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Ba Ria - Vung Tau: Using all resources for successfully implementing the resolution from the 6th party conference

Member of the Party, Secretary of the Provincial Party of BR-VT Nguyen Hong Linh is delivering a speech at the 15th Conference of the People’s Committee of BR-VT Term VI

Mr. Nguyen Hong Linh- Member of the Central Party Committee- Provincial Party Secretary of BR-VT, after 4 years of implementing the Resolution by the 6th Provincial Party Conference, what do you think about achievements from implementing policies and plans about economic-socio developments, especially in the field of logistics, connecting infrastructure, seaport city of BR-VT?

After the 6th Provincial Party Conference, the Provincial Standing Committee required executive committees, and provincial local authorities to make plans to implement the Resolution for their sectors and areas with particular allocations, deadline for every tasks and resource allocations. After 4 years of implementation, all tasks are on schedule and most targets being implemented in 5 years were achieved or even surpassed the Resolution’s assignments.

The field of seaport has been strongly developed so that the achievements surpassed the Resolution’s assignments in terms of cargo amount, the number of vessels coming to ports, and turnover for seaport services. The total amount of cargo through port increase 12% pa in average, 72.3m tons in 2019; exploitation capacity of import-export cargo of container terminals increase from 21% in 2015 to 51%; the number of container vessels unloading or uploading cargo at ports increased from 9 vessels/week in 2015 to 23 vessels/week and CM-TV has become one of 21 ports worldwide enabling to receive vessels of 200,000 tons. Turn-over from port services increase 10.24% in average pa (6.65% in the Resolution).

Together with the seaport, with guidance from the province, the provincial logistics services has been developed as well. So far, there have been 18/20 warehouse projects in the provincial area on the total area of over 200ha; 16 local waterway port projects with logistics warehouses registered on the total area of over 300ha; 4 projects came to their 1st phase operation (among which is a local waterway port combined with ICD). Over 245 enterprises registered operating in the field of cargo transport logistics, meeting the transport needs from enterprises inside and outside the province. Especially, the province is working on procedures to choose investors for Cai Mep Ha Logistics Center with the total area of 800ha- this important project will meets basic needs for logistics services for the CM-TV deep water port system in the time to come.

Transport infrastructure connecting to the port system has also been synchronously invested to meet the needs for developments. Currently, the province is investing in the Inter-port Road, Phuoc Hoa-Cai Mep, 991B and prepares to start the project of Phuoc An Bridge, Long Son-Cai Mep Road, Bien Hoa-Vung Tau Expressway (at first is the section to Phu My)- these are routes of strategic location connecting CM-TV port system with regional industrial parks in the coming time. Besides, the province pushes up the development of waterway transport and suggest the Central Party to push up the navigation way dredging for vessels of large capacity now.

BR-VT has been focused all resources on investments, policies, manpower and regional connections for gradual developments of the logistics sector to make it proportionate with the invested seaport system and moreover, to successfully implement the Resolution from the 6th Provincial Party Conference of the term 2015-2020.

BR-VT Port system is playing the role of a national gateway port and an international transshipment port: handling over 50% the amount of import-export cargo going through Vietnam seaports. However, practical developments in areas have faced with difficulties in making advantages and potential a driving force. Can you talk more about it?

CM-TV is not only a national gateway port but also an international transshipment port. Currently, there are 23 vessels departing from CM-TV Port to markets in Europe, American and Northeast Asia. However, the development of CM-TV has not been proportionate to its potentials. The investments in transport infrastructures connecting port groups to ware houses and regional areas is slow, especially railroad has not been constructed; the navigation way dredging is not on schedule due to problems of mechanism and policies; Cai Mep Ha Logistics Center, specialized inspection center and entertainment zone for sailors have not been constructed, which affects the developments of the port system. These are difficulties which are not merely solved by province’s efforts but need guidance and support from the Central Party.

The Resolution is consisted with the targets of developments connecting with making good use of advantages and potentials of sea economy, among which is becoming a province with advantages in industry, seaport, and port logistics… To achieve these targets, what activities should the province focus on?

BR-VT has focused on particular tasks:

» Improving business investment environment; implementing the policy of attracting well-chosen investments in combination with environment protection and labor overuse control. Calling for local and foreign investment promotions: choosing experienced qualified investors for developments.

» Improving transport road system connecting the province to other areas including roads connecting port system to the National Road 51, industrial parks and logistics, connecting to Bien Hoa-Vung Tau Expressway. Developing the system of local waterway port and warehouses surrounding the local river system of CM-TV Port. Pushing up investments in the railroad connecting CM-TV Port to cargo station systems in provinces and cities in the key economic zone.

» Having more serious environment protection tasks- a key factor for sustainable development and good life for BR-VT people in the coming time. Ensuring political security and having early prevention. Controlling and handling on-time social evils as drugs, and children abuse…

The year of 2019 was marked with great changes in the field of logistics, agreements from EVFTA promise to open new doors for logistics enterprises, especially small and medium sized one. What have logistics enterprises in BR-VT prepared for opportunities from the Agreement?

In 2019, enterprises in Cai Mep Port and in the logistics sector proved their abilities by taking care all import-export cargo to the U.S markets from the Southern Key Economic Zone. The year of 2020 promises to be a year of strong developments for the CMTV seaport system and the logistics sector of BR-VT in European market as well.

EVFTA and other FTA when they are signed will be premises for import-export activity developments, resulting in the increase of mother vessels’ direct routes to Europe and the U.S from CMTV port. To catch an opportunity, transport enterprises should actively prepare for these things: having more activity exchanges and information exchange to have updated cargo information from shipping companies and port operators; having more marketing activities and coming into contacts with shippers- import-export enterprises- for more orders of transport,...

With target of attracting investment to develop logistics infrastructure, and logistic centers to make Vietnam a regional logistics bridge, Has BR-VT had any solutions to attract local and foreign investments to the field of logistics?

In 2020, BR-VT keeps focusing on developing the provincial 5 economic pillars: Industry (with focus on processing industry, hi-tech production and assisting industry); seaport; logistics service; tourism services and hi-tech applied agricultural.

Together with solutions on planning, land reserve for developments of connecting transport infrastructure, the province has also paid much attention to the policies on facilitating investments in the field of logistics. BR-VT has had planning on constructing 1/2000 Cai Mep Ha Logistics Center on the area of 800ha; bidding process of choosing investors is expected to be carried out in 2020. This is one of projects calling for intensive investments. This will contribute developments of the logistics system as CM-TV port system, currently becoming an international transshipment and gateway port.

BR-VT has been focused all resources on investments, policies, manpower and regional connections for gradual developments of the logistics sector to make it proportionate with the invested seaport system and moreover, to successfully implement the Resolution from the 6th Provincial Party Conference of the term 2015 - 2020.

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