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Warm kitchen, safe house in COVID season

Over the past year, the development of the COVID-19 epidemic has affected the daily activities and living habits of millions of families. In a certain perspective, in turbulent days, people can nurture warm things when the family gathers almost 24 hours per day.

Phu Nhi fish sauce is made from 100% fresh anchovies caught from Phu Quoc Island

Open a warm kitchen

In everyday of social distance season turns the lives of many people upside down, but when that disparity subsides, people find sparkling rays of sunshine to go through the epidemic season together. Family meals are back. No more scenes of parents and children eating and taking care of themselves like before.

In the situation of needing to be minimalist and thrifty during the epidemic season, people do not need to be fussy about meals, just a simple plate of green vegetables, boiled eggs or fried fish is enough. But it is necessary to have a bowl of traditional fish sauce “the best on the tongue” on the dining table. A bowl of fish sauce, pounding fragrant garlic and chili, dipping fried fish and boiled meat; A bowl of salted fish sauce, cut a few slices of spicy chili and poached eggs, is rich enough for a family meal. In the Vietnamese meal tray, fish sauce is an indispensable part. Therefore, housewives often prefer to “invest” in the best fish sauce for the whole family, including standards: delicious, clean, pure from fresh fish, rich in protein. One of the traditional fish sauce brands trusted by housewives is Phu Nhi. Contributing to the meals of many families, Phu Nhi fish sauce puts the user’s health first as a way of caring, lovingly taking care of the family with safe food and the delicate taste of traditional fish sauce.

So, do you know the secret to making delicious drops of pure anchovy Phu Nhi fish sauce?

Phu Nhi - the spice of love

Phu Nhi fish sauce is made from 100% fresh anchovies caught from Phu Quoc Island. When the fishing net has just been pulled alongside the ship, the fish that sparkle in the sun will be picked up with a net, remove impurities and rinsed with sea water. Then the fish is immediately mixed with pure sea salt at the ratio of 3 fish to 1 salt and then taken to the ship’s hold. This way of mixing fresh fish keeps the finished fish sauce, keeping the sweetness of raw fish meat and the highest natural protein content. As a result, Phu Nhi fish sauce has a natural protein level of up to 40 degrees. Phu Quoc anchovies have a lot of meat, little intestines, so the fish sauce has a pleasant light aroma and has a dark, clear color of cockroach wings.

Phu Nhi fish sauce is produced according to the long-standing traditional method of Phu Quoc

Phu Nhi fish sauce is produced according to the long-standing traditional method of Phu Quoc. Phu Quoc anchovies, after being marinated with pure sea salt, are called “chuop”. Phu Quoc-SASCO Co., Ltd. is one of the manufacturers that owns the largest number of wooden crates in Vietnam, so it can guarantee a period of 12 - 18 months. After a period of incubation of fish in a stable, standard environment, it will produce a delicious Phu Nhi fish sauce that folk often call it fish sauce. At this time, fish sauce is drawn, bottled with management and supervision throughout to ensure food safety and hygiene and absolutely no additives and preservatives are used. As a result, the finished Phu Nhi fish sauce has a moderate sweet and salty taste due to not being mixed, rich in natural fish protein, and good for users’ health.

Peace of mind going through the epidemic season

In the days when the shop was closed because of the epidemic, but the door of each person’s house was open for parents and children to gather. Traveling together in many stages of each season of separation, people understand that family is a place to nurture positive energy and peaceful hearts for each other.

And when the epidemic season is over, what remains in our hearts is that warm meals are healthy eating habits with safe food and especially spending time with family when possible.

Maintaining the traditional profession of making fish sauce for more than 30 years, Phu Nhi has obtained many prestigious certifications in the profession: Certificate of geographical indication of Phu Quoc fish sauce; safe food chain logo; ISO 9001:2008; HACCP; HALAL....Not only trusted by Vietnamese families, Phu Nhi has been exported to: USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, European Union... You can buy Phu Nhi products at supermarkets, food stores: Aeon, Citimart, Satramart, Emart, Vissan or order online at e-commerce sites: Lazada, Tiki. More information at:

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