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VnRoyal JSC connects love

On January 9th, VnRoyal Joint Stock Company successfully hosted an online meeting between Mr. Sim Dunn and his wife (in the U.S.) with the children at Que Huong Charity Center.

VnRoyal's representatives, children and the management of Que Huong Charity Center at the meeting

The meeting was attended by Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Lan, Chairman of VnRoyal JSC; Mr. Sim Dunn and his wife Barbara (in the U.S.); Ms. Huynh Xiao Huong, Director of Que Huong Charity Center with the children and the management; Mr. Siva Koti Reddy Kumitha, Managing Director of TalentPace (India); representatives of Vietnam Logistics Review and VnRoyal representatives (Ho Chi Minh City office).

At the online meeting with the children at the center, Mr. Sim Dunn shared: "I would like to thank everyone as well as the children who have accepted us into circle of friends at Que Huong Charity Center. We also have had the great pleasure of meeting "Mother Huong” and have committed to help her raise funds in the United States to not only for the support of Que Huong Charity Center, but also education in American universities.”

Mr. Sim Dunn also added that their love for the children has no limit, he hoped that someday in the future he and his wife will be able to visit Viet Nam and meet the children in person.

The meeting took place online at 3 points Vietnam - USA - India

In that non-distance meeting, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Lan, Chairman of VnRoyal JSC said: "In the near future, the children will learn English and get to know the brothers and sisters here with the spirit of learning to play and learn. On behalf of VnRoyal, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Sim Dunn and Mrs. Barbara (Mr. Sim's wife) for their great love for their grandchildren at the Center."

The meeting ended in a warm and loving atmosphere. Attendees, especially Mr. Sim Dunn and his wife, wished and hoped that in the future they could arrange time to meet the children in person at the Center.

Top 10 ways to improve cold chain operations

Time 26/08/2021 at 09:23

According to the Natural Resource Defense Council, cold chain logistic inconsistencies are a primary factor for food and drug spoilage. That’s because even the slightest change in temperature can compromise a shipment’s integrity.

Develop expressway systems at both ends of the country

Time 15/12/2020 at 09:19

At the end of last November, leaders of Cao Bang, Ca Mau, Ben Tre provinces and a well-known enterprise in the field of transport infrastructure investment, Deo Ca Group, got together to share experiences in attracting investment capital for PPP projects. The conference is a vivid and effective demonstration for many provinces and cities to learn about investment attraction strategy to build expressways and infrastructure effectively as well as in accordance with the guidelines of the Party, the Government, the National Assembly and the law.

Nguyen Hoang Trieu: “Quang Ngai in me - so beautiful”

Time 26/07/2021 at 09:00

Nguyen Hoang Trieu was born and grew up in Quang Ngai - a musician of the early 9X. His song “Quang Ngai toi”- a song with nice melody and simple lyrics- won the Second Prize (no First Prize) of the 1st Song-writing Contest about the Homeland of Quang Ngai. Trieu said: ”Quang Ngai in me is so beautiful: its sceneries, its sincerity of the people… “Quang Ngai toi” is a gift I wish to send to music-loving audience- those who are in love and will be in love with the land of Quang Ngai.

“Branding goes together with social responsibilities”

Time 14/09/2021 at 14:00

Bee Logistics has had a number of particular success on its 17-year progress of development and a number of remarkable milestones… When the whole country is fighting against the pandemic, Bee Logistics has had important contribution in the task of epidemic prevention, carried out social responsibilities with practical activities. Dinh Huu Thanh - President/General Director of Bee Logistics- shared his thoughts.

A sophisticated scam using an ordinary logistics trick

Time 14/09/2021 at 08:00

The incident below shows the seller has cheated his buyer sophisticatedly and perfectly using a popular and simple logistics trick: Switch B/L.

Farmers selling products on digital environment

Time 13/09/2021 at 14:15

Digital transformation in agriculture is a phrase that has been mentioned a lot recently when agriculture is one of eight fields of priority that the program of national digital transformation issued by the prime minister is implemented. Giving more support and helping aricultural production households to participate in e-commerce platforms to consume agricultural products, especially in the context of the pandemic of COVID-19 is one of the directions that gives back positive signals in the process of national digital transformation.