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VnRoyal JSC and Top 10 Miss Vietnam Dang Van Ly visited Que Huong Humanitarian Center

On December 19, VnRoyal JSC and Top 10 Miss Dang Van Ly visited Que Huong Humanitarian Center to handover wheelchairs, scholarships and many gifts to the children at the Center.

Que Huong Humanitarian Center is a home that cares for and nurtures 345 orphans and disabled children

Que Huong Humanitarian Center is located in Tan Long Town, Tan Dong Hiep Ward, Di An City, Binh Duong Province. This place is taking care of and nurturing 345 orphans and disabled children. In addition, the Center also builds kindergartens, primary schools, organizing teaching for children at the Center and some disadvantaged children in the vicinity.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Van Doi, representative of VnRoyal JSC said: "VnRoyal company is committed to accompany to help Que Huong Center to develop, to give the children a home to live and study better in the future and in the pursuit of happiness".

VnRoyal JSC is committed to accompany Que Huong Humanitarian Center to develop and give the children a better life

VnRoyal JSCdeeply appreciated the great love of mother Huynh Xiao Huong for the children at the Center. There were many difficulties from the early days for the area to become the current spacious, clean and beautiful Que Huong Humanitarian Center.

Top 10 Miss Vietnam 2020, Dang Van Ly shared: "Life will be warmer and happier if we know how to help reduce the difficulties of incomplete lives. It is this sharing and spreading that will add motivation and double resonance. I hope that today's program will create the meaning, spread love to everyone and children at the Center."

On this occasion, VnRoyal JSC, Dang Van Ly and representatives of Vietnam Logistics Review visited and talked with the children to understand more about their situation, share with the difficulties and losses that they are facing. Along with that was to give many meaningful gifts to motivate the spirit, help the children overcome difficulties, have more energy to control their life, gain more faith and have the will to stand firm in the society.

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