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Top supply chain trend predictions for 2021

We can all agree that 2020 is a year that we’ll be excited to leave behind. With a global pandemic, and all its associated side-effects, day-to-day life has been a challenge. But with every challenge comes an opportunity, and this has certainly been the case in the world of e-commerce and world supply chain of 2021. With millions homebound, the obvious benefactor has been online shopping. Amazon, with 60% of sales driven by 3rd-party sellers, has seen its quarterly profits set new records with 3rd quarter sales skyrocketing by 37%.

Google will get into fulfillment

Not to be outdone, Google will move aggressively to gain relevance in the e-commerce space. Google is where people usually start a non-retail search query, but they haven’t made as much traction as you’d expect in e-commerce.

In 2021, Google would make a bold move to change that trajectory. Google already has the eyeballs and the tech capability - the main issue is that small businesses who want to sell on Google have to deal with all of the post-sale logistics themselves, which is both hard and expensive. Amazon has FBA, Walmart is building a 3rd party fulfillment offering, Google will do the same. Everyone expects this will likely come through Google acquiring an existing 3PL, but they also have the cash and chutzpah to build it from scratch if they can’t find the right acquisition target.

With e-commerce growing so rapidly, customers are setting new buying habits now. It is unlikely that Google - known for making disruptive moves - will sit idly by and take no action.

Facebook and instagram shops revenue will exceed Walmart’s e-commerce revenue

Social media has long been a place that brands go to create awareness and loyalty, but until recently they always had to direct traffic to another platform to transact. Now that Facebook is scaling their Shops capability, there will be a rapid shift of transactions onto these platforms. Experts expect to see more social media companies use their platforms to sell products like never before.

In 2021, Facebook and Instagram Shops revenue will soon exceed Walmart’s e-commerce revenue. These platforms will continue to build out their marketplace features and enhance the buying experience for users. Ultimately, social media-based shops may even rise above traditional websites in their ability to drive a seamless customer experience and deliver outsized revenue.

Amazon will acquire Shopify

Both Amazon and Shopify empower entrepreneurs to create their own storefront and sell products online, with the former’s highly successful FBA program enabling sellers to leverage Amazon’s powerful logistics capabilities to great (and profitable!) effect.

Amazon and Shopify have been competing e-commerce platforms for some time now but with a different focus. Amazon gives you unmatched traffic and fulfillment capabilities, but less control over your brand. Shopify gives you more control, but you are left to drive your own traffic to your site and figure out fulfillment and other logistics on your own.

Amazon undoubtedly sees the shift to 3rd party merchants within its platform and hears the feedback of brands wanting more control, so we can believe that Amazon will acquire Shopify to create the ultimate e-commerce conglomerate. Imagine Shopify customers able to leverage Amazon’s fulfillment capabilities and Amazon brands able to link to their Shopify stores.

Amazon will divest 1st party retail

We all know about Amazon’s early days operating out of Bezos’ garage and shipping books across the nation. Fast forward to the present and the company’s role has shifted significantly from being an online retailer to being mostly a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers and a fulfillment company. Third-party sellers have transformed how Amazon does business and there’s no sign of that trend stopping any time soon.

With an ever-shrinking reliance on maintaining its own inventory, it makes sense for Amazon to fully optimize its business model by focusing solely on third-party merchants. In 2021, we can predict that Amazon will spin-off or sell its first-party retail business and become a pure-play third-party marketplace and fulfillment offering. The 1st party retail business will live on as a separate entity selling through Amazon’s platform, but it will be just another supplier competing for the millions of customers Amazon attracts every day.

This, coupled with their acquisition of Shopify, would give Amazon the ability to streamline operations and maximize revenue from third-party vendors across multiple platforms and fulfillment capabilities.

Van Thao: "Painting with the passion of life"

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Dong Nai Port accompanying customers to overcome COVID-19

Ngày 12/10/2021 lúc 09:56

The social distancing in the task of COVID-19 prevention in HCMC, Binh Duong, Dong Nai and 16 Southern cities and provinces has disrupted supply chains, causing negative impacts to business activities. In the situation, Dong Nai Port JSC. has deployed epidemic prevention measures to protect workers and to help their customers overcome difficulties for a common goal: to keep the pace at the port smoothly and to help customers overcome the epidemic of COVID-19.

The Decision no.221: A fresh impetus for Vietnam's logistics sector

Ngày 18/03/2021 lúc 14:56

On February 22nd, 2021, the Government issued the Decision no.221 with many contents amending and supplementing the Decision no.200/QD-TTg on approving the action plan to improve competition abilities and develop Vietnam’s logistics service to 2025. The Decision no.221 is expected to be a fresh impetus for the logistics sector in the time of implementing the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress, preparing for the implementation of the strategy of developing Vietnam’s logistics service in the period of 2025 - 2035 and vision to 2045.

Roles of Freight Forwarding Agencies and Logistics Service Providers

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Freight forwarding/ Logistics plays a very important role in supply chain management and is indispensable in business, production and social life, especially in the time of social distancing as it is now.

Great happiness comes from small habits

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A life of happiness is what everyone wishes for. Psychologists said everyone can have great happiness from tiny things.

Con Dao - a legendary homeland

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The epidemic of COVID-19 passed and left behind people with pale faces and empty shabby streets. The wound will gradually be healed and streets will be busy and bustling again. Although the tourism sector has been back to its operations, people are not yet eager for trips and adventures. Tourist cities have still been quiet and empty and so has Con Dao been… The island is still staying offshore waiting…