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There is a poetic soul of Nguyen The Ky

Talking about a playwright Assoc. Prof. PhD Nguyen The Ky, many people may know that he was a writer of many famous plays which were popularly performed, like Khau Vai love story, Mai Hac De, Dawn, Teacher Ba Doi, Truong Bon Fire flower, A Thousand year of white cloud…In addition to a playwright, he also take other responsibilities as a leader, a member of Central Party Committee, a General director of Radio The voice of Vietnam, a president of Literature Criticizing and Ratiocination Council. Especially, inside the minded leader is a poetic soul full of romance and love and fresh with poetry words about his homeland, family and particularly his adorable grand sons. So far, he already has two volumes of poetry that are: Back to the river and Love for stay…

 Assoc. Prof. PhD Nguyen The Ky

In early spring days, I had an opportunity to visit Assoc. Prof. PhD Nguyen The Ky’s house in Yen Thanh, Nghe An, where he was born and raised up. This is place he used to spend all his time to mingle his soul into the air full of memories of village, his parent’s love and neighbor-ship. Although his parent had passed away, he always put them somewhere in his heart and his memory, just like they were still there and waited for their beloved son coming back to cheer the Tet together. It might be a reason for him to take care very carefully for his childhood home from the flowerbeds, grass bushes, fishponds, the clean village road to the Neu trees standing front of his house. Assoc. Prof. PhD Nguyen The Ky confirmed that having homeland seems to have all materials to make up a poetic soul and a playwright. Many his artworks were written in this house, reflecting silhouette of his beloved family that accumulated the vitality for his work. He wrote:

 “Remember the torn raincoats
Cover the rain and sunlight and full of love
Salty eggplants but raised up our dreams
Dark green-tea cup but filled up neighborhood
Storm happens like a daily meal
Bomb and fire graved the ploughs
How many villages had changed?
Vi, Giam tunes (Nghe An traditional tunes) became the incenses
If love each other like iron like gold
Then take spicy ginger and salt to give faith
And standing bravely to stop the storms ourselves
Just know yourself as a shield for next thousand years…

It can say that Assoc. Prof. PhD Nguyen The Ky is a really “high officials” returning his hometown. However, his treating way had deleted all the distance among people. You just saw him sitting there, with a attitude of a poet who has a sensible soul, loves the beauty and treat people friendly. Filling up his soul is plan to write song rhythm, the plays, lyris about his hometown in Yen Thanh and Nghe An. He told about his hometown history, his village where he was born and grew up with the excited mood through a clear and full of emotional voice, just like a historic teller talking his homeland he used to devote his whole life to love and attach.

… His treating way had deleted all the distance among people. You just saw him sitting there, with a attitude of a poet who has a sensible soul, loves the beauty and treat people friendly. Filling up his soul is plan to write song rhythm, the plays, lyris about his hometown in Yen Thanh and Nghe An.

Assoc. Prof. PhD Nguyen The Ky had spent many days and months sitting in his childhood house to created the play “Dawn”. This is a tribute of many generations towards the revolutionary activist Phan Dang Luu. The play “Dawn” is a story revolving about the life and career of a revolutionary activist Phan Dang Luu, a typical intellectuality of our Party, who had lived and fought and died for our revolution ideal meaning, freedom and independence of our country and for the happiness of all citizens. Assoc. Prof. PhD Nguyen The Ky had faced many difficulties. However, after finishing his literature manuscript with over 100 pages, he felt very satisfied because the whole life of Phan Dang Luu had been reproduced very clearly and lively. When we asked why he choose Mr Phan Dang Luu instead of someone else to celebrate the 8th Party Congress, Assoc. Prof. PhD Nguyen The Ky said that it was due to his luck when he was born and grew up in the same hometown with Phan Dang Luu. Hence, he absorbed many stories and legend about the revolutionary activist Phan Dang Luu when he was a child. And because Phan Dang Luu is also a typical intellectuality, a Party solider, a strong minded leader, brave, humane, selfsacrificing for the great meaning and a outstanding pioneers in the revolution.

A while ago, I still remember that Radio The Voice of Vietnam has started the play “A thousandyear of white cloud” written by Assoc. Prof. PhD Nguyen The Ky. He acknowledged that this play was inspired from the fairy tales and legends about Hon Vong Phu or To Thi. He said: “I don’t like the end of To Thi. I want to create a different lady To Thi in the way I imaged and I beg that many audiences outside would have the same thoughts with me. With a country suffering a thousand years of fire wars like Vietnam, there are many Hong Vong Phu statues. Specifically, the fairy tale (or legend) about a women waiting for her husband coming back from the war and the missing between the wife and her husband is very typical and common. And the fairy tale about To Thi (the wife) still captures people’s heart for years. Therefore, I rewrote the fairy tales with modern situations and fit with my living time”. In details, three characters of the play were To Thi (The wife), Tran Khoi (the husband), Truong Lo (a close friend of Tran Khoi but a bad guy at the end). These characters were performed lively and honestly through many talented actors and actresses. This play has been performed by different traditional art forms, such as Cheo, Cai Luong, Xam, Hue traditional singing ways etc. Hence, this play was directed by two directors, one is NSUT Thanh Ngoan who guided the singing ways like Cheo, Xam and Hue traditional tunes and another is NSUT Trieu Trung Kien who was in charged for Cai Luong part. The play has created strong effects with many audience generations.

Not only being successful in the role as a playwright, but also with poetry, Assoc. Prof. PhD Nguyen The Ky is a romantic, tender and warm person. In the forewords of new poem volume published in 2019, named “Love for stay”, the poet Tran Dang Khoa commented that: “This poem volume is for children. In other words, this book wrote for his Grandsons and their world. In this secret path, he “met” a thousand of other kids and exclusively, he met their grand parents, sons and daughters … Like the word he wrote in his poem:

“Not drinking my grand fathers wine but drunk
he “wah-wah” of crying baby sounds lovely
Since you came, life became so sacred
Every sunny day is just you”… 

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