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The service “online shopping” is on the throne in the COVID-19 season

After applying the city-wide distancing order according to Directive 16 of the Prime Minister (starting from 0:00 on July 9, many people in Ho Chi Minh City). Ho Chi Minh City has chosen to shop online instead of shopping in the traditional way to minimize travel and ensure safety in epidemic prevention. This has helped online shopping services, online shopping services become busier than ever. The shipper has also become one of the busiest forces this season…

Going to the online market, going to the household market is a form of shopping through applications, websites, and e-commerce sites according to the needs of consumers

“Going to the online market” - the optimal choice

In the face of the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic and complicated developments in many places, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City records thousands of cases every day, the city government. Ho Chi Minh City has had drastic instructions in epidemic prevention and control, ensuring strict implementation of Directive 16. Accordingly, all people stay at home, only going out when necessary, such as buying food, necessities, etc. Traditional markets, spontaneous markets are temporarily closed, shops must close... Because of this, shopping, online shopping, and household shopping have become busier than ever.

Going to the online market, going to the household market is a form of shopping through applications, websites, and e-commerce sites according to the needs of consumers. With this form of shopping, consumers only need to sit at home, look up information about items such as goods name, price, supplier, origin, ... after a few steps of ordering, goods will be delivered to your home. This service has become the first solution chosen by people during the COVID-19 season when it ensures both food and essential necessities for the family and well fulfills the requirements of disease prevention.

As noted, from the implementation of Directive 16 to July 20, the Tiki e-commerce platform has consumed about 10 tons of vegetables and fruits and 10,000 orders per day for essential items, consumer products. necessary; Shopee has increased sharply by over 30 tons/day and on Lazada, the average output is 5-10 tons/day for green vegetables and processed foods.

With just a smartphone and a few simple steps, Ms. Hong Thi (living in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City) was able to choose her favorite products. She shared: “This time, I often order applications to go to the market online, to go to the market. I don’t have to go to the store, I don’t have to wait in line, just go to the app and select the item I need, and it will be delivered to my door”.

However, in the current context, when the number of people’s orders is increasing day by day, many stores on shopping apps such as Now, Grab, Beamin, etc. are often closed, “network shutdown” due There is a shortage of goods to provide to customers, and the online shopping applications of many supermarkets and e-commerce platforms are often overloaded and out of stock.

“Ordering the service to go to the market for me must be difficult to time, visit often because the stores will close and reopen depending on whether their orders are overloaded or not. But if I don’t need urgent delivery, I can order today, ask to receive the goods the next day, there will be no problems,” Ms. Thach Thao shared her experience after many times ordering the service to go to the market.

In fact, although the service of shopping online, going to the grocery store still has many problems and difficulties, but we still cannot deny that this shopping method is the most suitable and optimal method. present time with the people. It is predicted that in the coming time, this service will become a new consumption trend, changing the habits of some consumers even when the epidemic is under control, and everything returns to normal.

Shipper becomes the busiest force

As the number of online transactions continues to skyrocket, it is not difficult to explain why the shipper profession has become so “hot”. It will not be difficult to see shippers in supermarkets and convenience stores with one hand holding a shopping cart and one hand checking the list of goods to be purchased to deliver to customers, from meat, fish, vegetables to instant noodles., canned goods are carefully selected by shippers. During this time, the shipper profession has become a job that brings good income for many people.

Shipper becomes the busiest force

Mr. Le Huu Chinh, the Grab app’s shipper, said that the service of buying households appeared before, but it was not until the order to stay away, spontaneous markets and traditional markets stopped working, that this service became “hot” “more than that. “Nowadays, people don’t go out as often as before, so these days the shipper is very popular! Orders “explode” continuously. The number of customers booking themselves to go to the market increased much, doubled, tripled on weekdays”, said Chinh.

Looking at it in a positive way, the shipper became a “profitable” profession during this time. However, in reality, behind those successful delivery orders are countless worries and hardships. Due to the specific nature of the job, having to move and contact a lot of people in many different locations, shippers are in the group of people with high potential for COVID-19 infection. Many shippers confided, still know that this profession has many potential risks and dangers, especially during the epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM is as stressful as it is today, but this is a job that brings income to cover life, so it is impossible to take a break.

Aware of the danger, most shippers comply and strictly follow the 5K regulations of the Ministry of Health such as keeping a safe distance, wearing masks, many shippers equip themselves with antiseptic hand sanitizer and apply contactless delivery...

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