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The “metro” dream becomes closer to HCMc’s citizens

Metro Route 1 - one of the urban railway lane belonging to HCM rail system - has been almost completed when the carriages are sequentially received into the stations among all welcomed and proud cheers of the HCMC’ leaders and citizens. When this route is put into operation, this could trigger the other routes in future. Then, the dream about a modern and comfort “Metro” subway become feasible to most HCMC’s citizens…

From early 2020, the Metro Route 1 constantly recorded several milestones during the building process

A modern public transport system

Metro Route 1 (from Ben Thanh to Suoi Tien) had officially started to be built on Aug 28th, 2012 with the total budget of 43,700 bilion VND. The project was invested by the Management Authority for Urban Railways (MAUR) and constructed by Hitachi Group (Japan).

This route is totally 19.7km long, running through District 1, Thu Duc city and Di An city (Binh Duong province) when starting from the Ben Thanh center station (District 1) and ending at Suoi Tien station (Thu Duc city). In total, it has 14 stations, including 3 underground stations (with 2.6km in length), 11 on-ground stations, and 1 metro depot in Long Binh. The Metro Route 1 has 17 trains, including 3-car TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURES VIEW train type at the first phase and 6-car train type at later phases, that are all imported from Japan. Each 3-car train is 61.5m long after fully assembled and can carry 930 passengers (standing, sitting) with a speed of 110km/h (through on-ground stations) and 80km/h (through underground stations).

These trains are designed with an air conditioner system, a radio control system, an automatic operation system and the surveillance system to track the train route automatically. The train body is made of aluminum alloy and fully equipped to support passengers in case of emergency. They are also prepared with many supporting tools that are friendly for disability, priority seats for the elderly and pregnant women…

The train interior is d e c o r a t e d with the simple structure and efficient functions for the daily use and easily cleaning or maintaining. An inside surface of the train is painted with the blue color that creates fresh and comfort feelings; the interior is silver grey that helps the train look brighter and cleaner.

The building of Metro has the enormously important role in the development of HCMC and Vietnam when the transport system is now overloaded with the current frequency of traffic jams and transport congestion.

The dream about the metro subway is quite close…

The project Metro Route 1 has been interfered by many difficulties from the beginning and delayed the progress due to some obstacles in amending the investment budget or technical design…

Dated Nov 13th, 2019, after the amendment evaluation, HCMC People Committee issued the Decision no. 4856/QD-UBND approving the Amendment for the project to build Metro Route.1 with the total budget of 43,700 billion VND, and directed the involving parties to speed up the project completion. In other words, this is an important untied point for this project to create the favorable conditions to accelerate the completion, so that people can sooner approach to one modern transport mean that is expected to improve the condition of public transport in this city.

From early 2020, the Metro Route 1 constantly recorded several milestones during the building process. In particular, on Feb 17th 2020, the project was officially opened the route from Ben Thanh station to Long Binh Depot (Suoi Tien). On Oct 8th, 2020, the first train with 3 cars was formally arrived at Khanh Hoi station (District 4) among the cheers and pride of all leaders and peoples of HCMC.

How is the metro route 1 operated?

Gemadept Corporation is the subcontractor of the main contractor Hitachi Group, who implements the bid package to deliver 51 carriages in 21.2m long, 3m wide, 4.19 high and 37kg. This deliver was started from Khanh Hoi station to Long Binh depot (District 9) with the total of 26km long.

Gemadept Corporation is the subcontractor of the main contractor Hitachi Group, who implements the bid package to deliver 51 carriages

To deliver one 37-ton carriage, Gemadept arranged to connect super-heavy and superlong cars with 12 axles that was 32m long and carry over 200 tons. To ensure the safety during the journey, they use a specialized fleet made in Germany and have a good signal system and a brake line connecting all the trailer axles and under the control of a hydraulic system with the minimum shock to help the convoy absolute balance while moving.

Delivering the super-heavy and superlong cargo is one special link in the comprehensive integrated Port-Logistics of Gemadept. Being one of Top 2 providers supplying the super-heavy and super-long transportation solutions in Vietnam, Gemadept is proud of their role participating in national key projects.

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