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Saigon Newport: OOCL's invaluable partner

On the morning of March 26th, 2021, Senior Captain Ngo Minh Thuan- President of Saigon Newport (SNP) and SNP’s officers hosted a meeting with Mr. James Chou - representatives of Orient Overseas Container Line Vietnam (OOCL Vietnam). During the meeting, OOCL Vietnam, on behalf of OOCL Headquarter, present SNP with the “Invaluable Partners” recognition award. This present is an appreciation of the shipping line for the Corporation’s service quality, and values.

Representatives of the Board of Director, Head of Marketing Dept. and other units in the meeting with OOCL Vietnam

Despite difficulties in 2020 caused by the pandemic of COVID-19’s impacts, SNP has had ceaseless efforts to expand its operational activities and improve service quality, affirming its position as Vietnam’s top leading terminal operator the 19th worldwide. SNP is among the top 10 of Vietnam’s leading logistics providers. SNP has won the national brand award 06 consecutive times, in the Top 4 excellent enterprises chosen by Eurocham and in the Top 100 sustainable enterprises chosen by VCCI.

The outstanding achievements in 2020 came from the great contribution, attention, support, and trust of SNP’s shipping lines, customers, and partners, especially from reputational shipping lines like OOCL. OOCL is always in the top 10 shipping lines with the highest throughput through SNP’s port system. In 2020, OOCL cargo through the SNP’s facilities increased 22.23% year-on-year- in the Top 10 of largest shipping lines in Tan Cang Cai Lai terminal, Tan Cang Cai Mep International Terminal (TCIT), and Tan Cang Hai Phong International Terminal (TC-HICT) .

Senior Captain Ngo Minh Thuan, SNP’s President, welcoming the OOCL’s representatives to the meeting

The cooperation relationship between SNP and OOCL shipping company is not limited to port operations but also Logistics, typically depot run by Newport Logistics Company Limited - Cosco - OOCL Logistics. After four years of operation, this joint venture has achieved positive achievements and promises further success in the future.

Both sides exchanging contents in operational activities and expanding cooperation

As a confirmation of the prestige and sustainable cooperation relationship between both sides, at the end of the meeting, OOCL Vietnam’s representatives, on behalf of OOCL’s leaders, presented SNP the recognition award “Invaluable Partner” as an appreciation from the shipping line for SNP’s contribution to OOCL’s achievements in Vietnam since 1995- a milestone of OOCL and SNP’s cooperation.

Senior Captain Ngo Minh Thuan offering a gift to James Chou- Head of OOCL’s representatives

As the “Invaluable Partner,” in 2021, SNP committed to keeping expanding its connection and infrastructures, improving the service quality, having innovations, and applying information technology in all fields to meet the increasing demands from the shipping lines and customers. Additionally, SNP will enhance stronger cooperation in return for the trust of OOCL in particular and other shipping lines and customers in generally give to SNP.

Representatives from both sides

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After applying the city-wide distancing order according to Directive 16 of the Prime Minister (starting from 0:00 on July 9, many people in Ho Chi Minh City). Ho Chi Minh City has chosen to shop online instead of shopping in the traditional way to minimize travel and ensure safety in epidemic prevention. This has helped online shopping services, online shopping services become busier than ever. The shipper has also become one of the busiest forces this season…

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The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) has been expected to boost export goods to Vietnam, especially in the context of complicated happenings of the COVID-19 pandemic with many negative impacts to the socio-economic developments. However, if the opportunity is not well taken, Vietnam will have to face great challenges in the new normality after the pandemic.

Waterway transport and the trend of green transport in the North

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Green transport, in essence, includes low-emission, environmentfriendly transport solutions, creating sustainable development and balancing economic benefits and environmental protection. The Government’s policies set priority on developing inland waterway transport or road-waterway combined transport solution, that has been effectively deployed in the system of Saigon Newport Corporation in the North not only help enterprises solve transport matters adapted to the epidemic of COVID-19 but also are suitable to the trend of green logistics development in the world.

Recovering supply chains in the time of post COVID-19

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The pandemic of COVID-19 has caused comprehensive and deeps impacts to all countries worldwide. According to RFI’s forecast, it has caused a damage of USD 22,000bn to the world, USD 4,500bn to the world’s tourism sector, pushing the global economy to a severe recession. Vietnam’s economy, with its large openness and deep international integration, has also suffered a lot from its impacts as well.