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Quang Ngai a place that charms people with its untamed beauty

We called for one another to go to the place to see the beauty of girls in the land of Cau Pagoda- as found in the lyric from the song “Tinh em xu Quang” by Tran Ngoc-and to see “stretching white sand beaches and the green water of Han Giang"

Xu Quang- the common name for both Quang Nam and Quang Ngai provinces- a cultural place of the Southern Central. Quang Nam is known with its Thu Bon River, with Cua Dai Estuary and with Cau Pagoda…; Quang Ngai- a low mountainous area with valleys near the mountains of Da Vach, Lang Ram- has a small delta and coastal sand dunes being watered by rivers of Ve, Tra Bong and Tra Khuc. The place is lesser known.But once we came there, the place becomes unforgettable for its untamed beauty and its people’s hospitality.

Thien An Pagoda

Thien An Mountain can be seen from Quang Ngai City. It took us 15 minutes by car, crossing Tra Khuc River. An Mountain and Tra River are symbols of the land.

Thien An Mountain is located on the left bank of Tra Khuc River. The gentle path spiraling upward under the tree shades took us to the top of the mountain. There is also another path with stone stairs for pedestrians.

The pagoda was built in 1694 and was renovated many times then. At the beginning, it was just a shrine built on a large area on the top of the mountain. Being at a sacred place, we seemed to become more meditative.

Le Thuy Sea

We stopped at Quang Ngai City for a meal of noodle in Quang style- a typical dish of the place and then went to Le Thuy Beach, Binh Tri- Binh Son. (Many will misrecognize the place with one of the same name in Quang Binh province). Around an hour ride, we could felt the salty air from the winds… and as a sleeping beauty- as a journalist said- Le Thuy welcomed us, beautiful and untamed.

At a fishing village, we set foot on the path leading to the sea. Being seen from above, the sea was clean and clear with sedimentary rocks beautifully arranged by nature.

The beach here has its own untamed beauty. Going along a stretching long beach, you can suddenly found a curved section under the shade of coconut trees- Something similar to the nature of local girls- beautiful and shy.

And in the clear water, you can swim there for hours with fish, touching sea urchins and looking at the beautiful coral reef of different colors swinging with waves.

When the evening fell, a peaceful atmosphere of the fishing village brought us special feelings. Busy life in the city seemed to be washed away. On the blue surface of the sea, here and there were coracles. Life kept going on in a romantic peaceful atmosphere.

Tra Boi Spring

The way to Tra Boi Spring was rough- a place where ethnic people live. Tra Boi Spring has its wild beauty. The spring is located in Tra Bong, Tra Giang- 30km from the National road 1A.

Water sliding is the game that attracts local children and tourists.

The water here is strong and cool even in time of hot days. The spring is like a naturally built swimming pool where you can lie down to enjoy the beauty of surrounding forests.

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Transimex: Speed up for the strong development

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Early in June, Transimex Corporation (TMS) has successfully organized the 2020 annual Meeting of Shareholders. According to the Meeting brief, in the second-half year of 2020, TMS was forecasted to have a strong development. The Corporation will “speed up” following several new development directions, from enhancing the capacity of Logistics Centers to investing in some new bussiness fields. TMS expected that the 2020 profit before tax will increase by 44% compared to that in 2019.

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More than 30 years after the first batch of rice was exported, Vietnamese rice has been available on 150 markets around the world. However, it is worth mentioning that Vietnamese rice brand has not yet recognized for world consumers. Therefore, Vietnam needs to have a methodical strategy, prioritizing quality to increase value instead of focusing on output with lower price as today.

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With various forms of hotels and resorts as coastal resort hotels, airport hotels, and city hotels. The chain of Navy Hotel Group has currently been found in popular tourism locations as Dalat, Cam Ranh and Danang. It is expected that a city in HCMC and a coastal hotel resort in Nha Trang will be open at the beginning of 2021.

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At Group level, in the first six months of 2020, DKSH reported solid results in these unprecedented times. Across markets, DKSH continued to reliably supply products and played a critical role in responding to the pandemic. In Vietnam, DKSH also performed remarkably well, attaining slightly better levels than in 2019. This is a great achievement and a testament to our robust business model and strongly committed workforce, who have really stepped up in these challenging circumstances.