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Prepare for Supply chain shifts in the region

In early June 2020, Ambassador Kritenbrink, U.S. Embassy in Hanoi has launched a new Embassy Hanoi webinar series looking at how Vietnam can prepare for supply chain shifts in the region, how U.S. companies can support this, and how to increase U.S. investment in the sector.

Newly released full-year trade data from the U.S. Census Bureau show a 35.6% surge in goods imports from Vietnam last year, weighed against a 16.2% contraction in goods from China. A corresponding perspective reveals Vietnam has become dramatically more reliant on the United States as its top export market, accounting for 23.2% of goods exports in 2019, from a 19.5% share the year prior.

America's public policymakers should take a more active approach in shaping U.S.-Vietnamese relations that will spur supply chain diversification, open access to promising markets, and foster stability in a geo-strategically important region.

“In my opinion, Vietnam is doing very well in attracting investment from abroad thanks to its young, dynamic, increasingly knowledgeable and hard-working labor force. The reforms and economic breakthroughs you've achieved also make many people optimistic about the future of Vietnam”, Ambassador Kritenbrink said that.

Vietnam is an important market for US businesses. Kritenbrink think the COVID-19 pandemic presents both challenges and opportunities for US businesses, such as supply chain shifts. This shift could bring many benefits to Vietnam.

Although U.S. companies are still worried about the policy and tax laws for foreign businesses in Vietnam, Ambassador Kritenbrink said that the Vietnamese government has in recent years made efforts to improve these issues. in order to attract more foreign investment. As the global supply chain was disrupted because the COVID-19 pandemic and US businesses tended to shift production lines from China, Ambassador Kritenbrink said this was an opportunity for Vietnam.

He said that Vietnam's energy development cooperation will be a highlight for the future of bilateral relations when Vietnam needs to expand this field to meet the expanding production scale. The US can support Vietnam with new types of clean energy and renewable energy technologies. In the context that the world is trying to recover the impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ambassador Daniel Kritenbrink emphasized that the two countries should take advantage of newly emerging opportunities to promote bilateral trade cooperation, In accordance with the strengths of each party.

The US ambassador also noted that the Vietnamese government may have anticipated changes in regional and global supply chains since before the COVID-19 pandemic and had taken some steps to adapt to the conditions. new. Therefore, Vietnam is in a favorable position to receive the benefits that this change brings as well as be able to cope with upcoming challenges.

Result of The 1st international logistics photo contest in Vietnam

Time 04/11/2019 at 16:06

Three months after the start, the 1st International Logistics Photo Contest in Vietnam received 1,427 photos from 217 photographers from various countries in the Southeast Asia. After two rounds of scoring, the Board of Judges chose 12 best ones for the awards of the contest.

Business means connection

Time 07/05/2020 at 08:47

Based on a modern technology background, Felix Technology Solution Ltd. Company has studied, built and officially launched an e-commerce trading platform, With the hightech advantages, FELIX is willing to support and assist enterprises with e-transforming and maximizing all business activities.

Vietnam- Cambodia: Cooperation for success

Time 28/07/2019 at 15:37

On July 25th , 26th in HCMC, Vietnam Logistics Business Association held the Program of Business Cooperation between members of VLA’s and CAMFFA’s (Cambodia Freight Forwarders’ Association)

A streak of sunlight

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Coronavirus - an invisible killer - has made people understand what the true

E-commerce under impacts of COVID-19

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With measurements as movement restriction and social distancing to fight against the pandemic of corona virus, consumers have changed the way of shopping: from traditional shopping to shopping online. Catching the trend, traditional retailers have changed their ways and pushed up online selling channels. Experts said there would be a breakthrough for the e-commerce sector.

A shift wave of the supply chain

Time 22/06/2020 at 14:38

COVID-19 has raised many worries for companies and enterprises, which is a catalyst for the completely change in the supply chain of the current world. If considering in positive way, this could be the time for enterprises to see the new chances or look deeper in the current shortages and difficulties in their supply chains.