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PhuongTrang on a new journey

After 20 years of development, Phuong Trang Group (FUTA Group) not only affirms its leading position in the fields of road transport and high quality delivery but also is known as an activeinvestor in fields of technology, logistics and even property,...

PhuongTrang on a new journey

Vietnam Logistics Review Magazine had a talk with Mr. Van Cong Diem - General Director of FUTA Bus Lines on strategic directions and visions in order to make the most of the Group’s advantages, offering continuously improved services to the community.

FUTA Group is known as one of leading enterprises operating in fields of highquality passenger and cargo transport and as a successful one in fields of property and building stopovers,... How does the FUTA ecosystem develop?

FUTA Group was founded on April 14th, 2001. To date, FUTA Group has been one of leading enterprises in passenger automobile transport. It has 2,000 vehicles of all kinds, including over 800 sleeper seat vehicles, operating on 53 fixed inter-province routes, serving 39 out of 63 provinces in Vietnam. We serve over 20 million passengers annually, of which 15 million travel interprovince routes.

Mr. Van Cong Diem - General Director of FUTA Bus Lines - Photo: Pho Ba Cuong

When there is any need of traveling from customers, there is merely an answer: Phuong Trang.

Over the past 3 years, we have achieved more than 10 awards related to the field of transport. For example, in 2018, FUTA wasin the Top 10 of the most prestigious transport and logistics companies in Vietnam. The following year (2019), we were included in the Top 5 most prestigious passenger transport companies of 2019, and in Top 50 of the most famous brands in Vietnam. At an international level, we have regularly been awarded the titles “Asian Quality ProductsServices” and “Top 10 of Asian famous brands”. Therefore it can be said that FUTA Group is one of Vietnam’s distinguished transport enterprises that has won many titles in both Vietnam and Asia.

In 2020, despite impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, FUTA Group with its flexibility and determination faced the challenges in order to achieve stable development. Its efforts have been acknowledged by the titles of “Top 10 of the Asia Pacific most prestigious brands”, “Top 10 of the most famous and competitive brands”. And att the beginning of 2021, FUTA Group was honored to receive the titles of “Top 5 of the most prestigious passenger transport companies in 2020” and “Top 5 of the most prestigious terminal delivery and fast deliver companies in 2020”.

In the field of property - FUTA’s fledgling business, we have had noteworthy achievements of high quality products as Danang Plaza Apartments, New Pearl Luxury Apartments,... and a number of upcoming projects to be offered such as Danang Times Square and Thuan Phuoc New Urban Area,...

Understanding the needs of passengers to rest on long-distance inter-province routes, FUTA Groups has had significant investments in stopover systems at key spots en-route as Mandaguoi stopover in Lam Dong, Phuc Loc stopover at Tien Giang, etc. Its most substantial investment so far is Phuc Loc in Tien Giang- one of the largest stopover in the national transport routes, serving over 40,000 passengers a day for all transport routes in the Southwestern.

FUTA Groups has been in the position of an enterprise leading in the field of road passenger transport and has gained prestige from customers. How has FUTA Group explored the freightforwarding sector?

Together with the development of Phuong Trang Bus (FUTA Bus Lines) we could find a vital increasing need to transport "cargo along with passengers" and "cargo without passengers". Therefore we founded FUTA Express - Phuong Trang Express Delivery JSC. To meet customers' requirements, FUTA Express was founded and soon became a prestigious cargo transport agency, supporting customers in trade and personal delivery needs.

FUTA Bus Lines were included in the Top 5 most prestigious passenger transport companies of 2019

Every day we have thousands of vehicles operating nationwide, every 2 to 5 minutes in average there is a bus leaving its station from North to South. Therefore we can ensure all customers’ needs will be met - passengers, cargo and letters - will be rapidly and safely transported.

As requirements for quality service increased along with the number of orders, FUTA Express added trucks of all size together with the professional staff to be deploying on new routes, serving customers with various cargo at various time frame.

In addition to passenger transport, it is known that cargo transport is also a great source of revenue for businesses. So in the next phase of its development, how will FUTA Group set out a development direction in this activity?

With the rapid development of e-commerce today, we realize there is great potential for developing services express delivery and doorto-door delivery. FUTA Express will invest in more shipping offices, vehicles and specialized transport services to ensure the fastest, safest and most convenient service with a variety of goods. FUTA Express is striving to be one of the foremost in the express delivery sector with the coverage of districts and provinces nationwide.

FUTA Group owns and develops a team of dedicated and professional customer care and consulting is always a regular and continuous task

FUTA Group focuses on developments both “in width and in depth”. “Developments in depth” is to ensure services of the highest standards, professional operation abilities, shortest-time delivery and best goods safety,... Each service being provided to the market is built with highly specialized staff, optimal operating platform, most up-to- date technology. In addition, we are deploying fully automated center projects, meeting needs of handling cargo in large amount, serving e-trade market and other warehouse needs from customers. “Development in width” is the ambition that FUTA Group will become a pioneer in building a full logistics ecosystem with all services provided to customers- a general logistics center which is capable to handle traditional goods delivery, B2B, e-trade express delivery, road, air and sea transport delivery, warehouse services, fulfillment and supply chains,...

FUTA Group is always changing itself to meet at most customers’ requirements and society’s development in the field of transport. It keeps listening to customers’ needs for quality improvements so that Phuong Trang brand will be forever in hearts of customers. We committed as a Vietnamese brand, for Vietnamese people and to the development of Vietnam.

When there is any need of traveling from customers, there is merely an answer: Phuong Trang.

As we are aware that FUTA Group and Hung Thinh Group have a cooperation with Deoca Group in building a chain of stopovers and in developing logistics supply chain whathat are FUTA Group’s expectations from the cooperation?

FUTA Group is already one of the top operations in this country's transport sector; Deoca Group - a leading enterprise in the field of road infrastructure investment, construction and management in Vietnam; Hung Thinh Groupwith it core business of property- has one of the largest land and property portfolio all over the country.

In my experience, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”, the cooperation among FUTA Group, Deoca Group and Hung Thinh Group is a must-do to create an ecosystem- a larger environment in fields of transport - logistics - property.

With this partnership, I expect to have a chain of stopovers with 5-star standards. Besides services of F&B, we also provide entertainment, tourism and hospitality services.

VLR Magazine would like to wish you good health and success in the coming year. We expect FUTA Group will go further and further as well.

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