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Phu Quoc - Splendid dusk

Phu Quoc has neither records of historical changes nor traditional cultural features. Phu Quoc- an island of Kien Giang province in Thailand Bay- has charmed tourist by its own beauty- a combination of Asian and Western cultural features.

Blue sea, white sand, yellow sunlight…

This is tourists’ first impression when they set foot on the beautiful island. The sea is blue and clean that allows them to see fish, coral and starfish. The sand is quite white. Phu Quoc has all features of a sea place, but a kind of favorably perfect features.

Seeing sunsets on the island is a good choice. Tourist can hardly wait to see the splendid charming pink sun spreading its light on the sea surface. Sunlight, sea breezes, an open space, and row of coconut trees are enough to make the island a paradise- a Vietnam’s Bali. Dinh Cau point is a good place to see sunsets. It is located in Duong Dong Town- the center of the island- a 5 minute walk from Duong Dong Market.

A combination of eastern and western cultures

If they want to travel back to the old time of a Vietnamese village where they can see tile houses with their mossy colors, tourists can go to “Tinh Hoa Viet Co”. There they can find a village gate, an old banyan tree- as a witness of changes, paved road, brick yard, and sparse fences… Things that go deep in their memory. Tourists also have chances to enjoy festivals, traditional songs of quan ho, water puppets as they used to see in village festivals, as old Vietnamese people used to have happy time in their old village.

If they love to see a place with European features, they can go to the small Venice in the resort of Grand World, north of Phu Quoc Island. Stimulating a famous Italian city, the canal of Venice, there are colorfully painted houses on both sides brilliantly silhouetted down the water. Boatmen wearing red and white striped uniforms- a national style of the boot-shaped country; tourist dreamingly sitting on gondolas and listening to Italian love song Santa Lucia, O Sole Mio…

Wild islands in a romantic atmosphere

Coming to Phu Quoc, it is interesting to take island tours: to discover small islands with its own untamed beauty because no one lives there. In Ganh Dau cape- a cape in the north west of the island, you can see Cambodia from a distance.

Tourists can easily reach Phu Quoc by airplanes from airports nationwide or take a coach to Rach Gia or Ha Tien, Kien Giang then get to Phu Quoc by ferry of high-speed boats.

Tourists can have a look at the coral reef in Hon Gam Ghi (Dam Ngang), come to Bai Sao- where they can stand in a 7-km white beach or come to the untamed Bai Khem. They can have chances to try sea food specialties- those with special tastes.

Sim wine is the must-try thing to anyone who comes to Phu Quoc. It is made from sim- or rose myrtle- riped ones. The trees that nature favorably gave this land, the tree that absorb the quintessence of the nature. On the way to Suoi Tranh, Suoi Da Ngon and Suoi Da Ban, in myrtle seasons, tourists seems to be lost in violet color of its flowers- the color that has been mentioned in sad love songs.

During the epidemic period, which has lasted from the beginning of 2020 so far, for nearly two years, every industry has been more or less affected, but perhaps the most suffered one is the tourism industry. There have been not many domestic and international tours. And tourist attractions have been no longer busy and crowded. People are stuffy in their own homes. Phu Quoc will be a safe and reasonable choice when the Government decides to reopen tourism.

Green channel: Flexible logistics solutions in epidemic prevention

Ngày 13/09/2021 lúc 08:54

The concept of a green channel (along with yellow and red channels) indicates a way to separate import and export goods in customs, helping to implement quick monitoring, inspection and management on goods in and out Vietnam territory, and it increases speed of import and export goods flows at the same time. During the 4th outbreak of COVID, the concept of green channel is applied to create safe, essential transport corridors in goods transport.

M+R Forwarding: Country ocean freight manager

Ngày 18/03/2021 lúc 08:46

The M+R Spedag Group is an international family owned transportation and logistics company headquartered in Switzerland at As a leader in the industry present in Asia since 1985, we provide candidates with outstanding career opportunities and continuous personal development. M+R offers attractive salaries and exciting commission schemes which have contributed to the continued expansion of our offices across Vietnam.

Industrial real estate "boomed"

Ngày 27/02/2021 lúc 11:07

COVID-19 is gradually changing the market, stimulating the e-commerce boom, creating a big boost for logistics real estate, warehouses, then creating conditions for industrial real estate in Vietnam to flourish, develop in a positive direction and have a new breakthrough from the end of 2020.

Gemadept Group ordered 6 more Panamax STS cranes from Doosan Vina to equip the seaport system in the North

Ngày 25/01/2022 lúc 17:37

Doosan Vina will continue to supply 6 Panamax STS cranes to the seaports of Gemadept customer with the first three units signed on September 8th, 2021, and the remaining three were signed on January 20th, 2022.

Vietnam economy: Confident to step forward

Ngày 21/01/2022 lúc 08:00

After over 30 years of renovation, Vietnam’s economy and society has never been affected as heavily as in 2021. The 4th outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused damages to both the economy and the people. However, with various flexible solutions and adaptability, Vietnam’s economy has had a gradual recovery with many bright spots- creating basis for the new year of 2022 with brighter expectations.

The resilience in spring

Ngày 21/01/2022 lúc 08:00

2021 posed a great challenge to all businesses with 2 waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Vietnam's macro indicators have grown relatively steadily, affirming Vietnam's strategic vision and correct direction.