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Coming to Binh Dinh for peaceful feelings

(Vietnam Logistics Review) Quy Nhon: a charming destination to those who love peaceful atmosphere. Located Southeast of Binh Dinh, the city with the blue sea on one side and mountains on the other has a charming beauty. And each beach in Quy Nhon has its own beauty that brings different feelings to tourists.

Egg Stone Beach

Egg Stone Beach or Hoang Hau (Queen) Beach is located in scenic Ghenh Rang hill which has the width of 35 hectares and locating 3km south east of Quy Nhon city. The beach promises to bring a strong impression on tourists by the arch-shaped beach combined with fine white sand, clean and blue water, as well as huge egg-shaped stones in the beach.

Coming Egg Stone Beach, the tourist can swim in a deep-blue sea or discover the beauty of Ghenh Rang, wonderful rocky cliffs running to the edge of the sea. They also can visit the tomb of the poet Han Mac Tu, learning about the Prince Palace or discovering spectacular caves on the Hon Dat Bi Island.

Quy Hoa Beach

As their name, the Quy Hoa Beach is clean, peaceful and clear water. Row of green poplar trees swaying lightly in the wind, birds chattering sounds to mix sound of waves brings the tourist a peaceful feeling.

After swimming, the tourist can visit Quy Hoa leper camp. Different from their name, the leper camp is an airy and romantic space with curved roads, especially busts of the world’s most famous physicians which arranged in rows along a shady road. There is a room with his autograph where the famous poet Han Mac Tu once lived.

Bai Bau (Bau Beach)

Bai Bau is located in the north of Song Cau district town (Phu Yen province) and50 km south of Quy Nhon city. A first impression when setting foot in Bai Bau is a quiet, clean and peaceful beach which is covered by two range of mountains jutting out from the sea.

Visiting here, besides a deep-blue sea, yellow sand, and peaceful waves moving rhythmically, the tourist can see stiffs, range of hills and mountains. If enjoying a strong emotion, they can participate in games such as cliff-jumping, mountain climbing…

Just feeling a little tired, they don’t forget to relax themselves on the sand and enjoy local delicious seafood such as O Loan red clam, codfish enjoy with Ong Gia (old men) fish sauce.

Bai Xep (Xep Beach)

Bai Xep - Ghenh Rang is a destination that has always been first mentioned to by young travelers when visiting the Central. Bai Xep is located in Ghenh Rang Ward, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh. It is no further than 13km from the downtown. Have a look! It is nice beach as well as green orchard, coconut village, poplar forest, grassland, you will feel to live in a quiet and peaceful countryside than on a surfing beach.

Standing on Bai Xep Beach, the tourist could see a panorama of Phuong Mai peninsula, Ngang Island, Dat Island and Quy Nhon beach.

If you love adventure, you can go back up westwards about 1km to Suoi Vang (Yellow Stream) to see a wild nature with a forest, waterfall…

Bai Dai (Dai Beach)

A green arch-shaped beach to embrace stone blocks in diversified shapes that strewing along the shore and undersea creates an impressive and poetic beauty for Bai Dai beach that can satisfy the most fastidious visitors. After swimming freely in clear water, they can hide in the shade of big stone blocks or lying in the shifty hammocks in beachside thatched cottages to hear sound of waves, wind as well as sound of flock, flute from next thatched cottages.

Eo Gio (Wind Strait)

Eo Gio, a place 20km away from Quy Nhon city, is a mustsee when visiting Binh Dinh. The name of Eo Gio comes from the shape of the place: standing on the rocks looking downwards, you can find a small strait. And winds blow fiercely here. Eo Gio still keeps the untamed beauty. On the road accessing to Eo Gio, rows of birches on white sand beach is such a beauty that charms visitors.

Quy Nhon has many beaches and each has its own beauty. However, all can bring tourists a peaceful atmosphere after long working days. Different from exciting beaches, Quy Nhon is a choice for those who wish to run away from busy cities for a peaceful feelings deep in their souls.

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