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Tran Duc Nghia - Director of Delta International Co., Ltd: “Human: A core factor for any success”

(Vietnam Logistics Review) On June 14th, Delta International Co., Ltd celebrated the 14th anniversary with many meaningful activities. Founded in 2004, Delta has been a remarkable brand name in Vietnam logistics sector with services as local and international multi-modal transport; customs brokerage, storage, project cargo… Vietnam Logistics Review had an opportunity to talk with Tran Duc Nghia - Director of Delta Co., about its success and its development orientation in the future.

Delta has celebrated the 14th anniversary. Can you say something about the company’s milestone?

Delta International Co., Ltd., was founded in 2004, with a staff of 4 members at the start, providing airline cargo services in Noi Bai Airport. To develop its markets, the company gradually opened branches and representative offices in various key provinces and cities nationwide: at Hai Phong Port (2005), HCMC (2007), Binh Duong (2008), Bac Ninh (2008), and Hai Duong (2012)… And opening a branch in HCMC- a top economicsocial center of the country with large and potential logistics market- marked a turning-point for Delta’s development. And Delta started providing services nationwide.

After 14 years of operation, Delta now has had enough sources of human and of equipment to provide its customers package logistics solutions. What are the strong points of the company’s services?

14 years is not too long for the foundation and development of an enterprise. However, the past 14 year is our proud period. From the first steps of providing services for the airline in Noi Bai Airport, we have had 9 offices and the market nationwide, we have been able to provide various logistics services, helping customers focus on their core business.

In local transport, in the first years of operation, we mostly bought transport services from partners and provide them to our customers. In 2010, we had our own fleet and started providing transport services. Delta now has a fleet of box trucks from 1.25 tons to 9.9 tons and container tractors. All Delta’s vehicles are equipped with GPS devices and dash cams. Data is saved for management and is ready to be provided when there is a requirement. In October 2012, MTV Delta Transport Co., Ltd., was founded to provide more professional transport service and with a larger scale.

In customs brokerage, this is our strength. We are so proud to have 30% of staff doing customs brokerage service given customs brokerage license by General Department of Customs – a highest number nationwide. We are able to provide customs brokerage services in all forms. We are recognized as customs brokerage agency in key areas as Hanoi, HMC, Hai Phong and Binh Duong…

What is the orientation of development in the time to come?

Besides developing and expanding the market in services as customs brokerage and local transport, Delta is going to offer express delivery service, aiming at providing logistics services to e-commerce.

To achieve the targets, what did Delta do as preparation? Which is the most important factor for Delta’s success these days?

At the beginning, Delta has had more attention to the development of human resource by offering career or business training. Delta’s budget on training increase every year to develop a staff that is able to meet requirements of development.

To Delta, human resource is a core factor for any success. We do know it is impossible to provide our customers best services without skilled staff members who are able to operate our modern equipment. Therefore, besides investing in modern equipment, we always pay much attention to human resource by offering the best working environment to allow them to show their best.

Each staff member working in Delta Co., is trying the best “to create true values to customers by providing fast, efficient and money-saving services of logistics and express transport”.

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