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New highest handling record per mother vessel in vietnam achieved by Tan Cang - Cai Mep international terminal

Within less than 7 days, new handling records per mother vessel at TCIT have been continuously set, starting with 14,235 TEUs on MEISHAN BRIDGE on 10 Jun 2021, then experiencing the record-breaking trend while exceeding the previous one with 15,615 TEUs on MONACO BRIDGE at 09:00 on 19 Jun 2021. This is also recorded as the highest volume per vessel ever handled in Vietnam, making an important contribution to affirm and enhance the position of Vietnam's seaport industry in general and Cai Mep - Thi Vai deep-water port area together with TCIT in particular.

15,615 TEUs – New highest handling record per mother vessel in Vietnam achieved by TCIT on MONACO BRIDGE

During the last decade, the seaport industry of Vietnam and the world has constantly improved capacity to meet the trend of increasing vessels’ size of the shipping industry as well as the surging demand for maritime transport, especially considering the role of fleets with the vessel size from 12,500 TEUs (accounting for about 30% of the world's current fleet, 77% of the ordered fleet, and total of 36% of the future fleet). MONACO BRIDGE and MADRID BRIDGE are two vessels operated by Ocean Network Express (ONE) in a fleet of 14,000 TEUs capacity, 366 meters in length, deployed on the EC4 service of THE Alliance (including 4 shipping lines: ONE, Hapag-Lloyd, Yang Ming and HMM), connecting Vietnam to the East Coast of the United States. Continuous breaking through and setting records of handling volume has once again proved the capacity of TCIT- leading deep-water terminal of Vietnam, at the same time, a testament to the development of Vietnam's economy.

Records of highest volume handled continuously achieved at TCIT

In the face of socio-economic status being significantly impacted by Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam has still maintained a stable growth of the economy, especially the import – export activities have obtained positive development. According to VPA, in the first 5 months of this year, the total throughput volume through Cai Mep - Thi Vai area reached 2.3 million TEUs, up by 47% comparing to the same period last year, in which the volume of US import and export reached nearly 1.3 million TEUs, growing 35% over the same period, continuously being in the top fastest growing seaport of the world with an average growth rate of about 22% per year.

In the first half of 2021, TCIT has made great efforts in maintaining the smooth-running operation so that the supply chain will not be interrupted under impact of the outbreak, at the same time offering professional and best quality services to customers. Playing a significant role in the national economy – as an international trade port in Southern Vietnam key economic region, TCIT has always strictly implemented the Government's policy of "dual goals" while containing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and achieving impressive results. Mr. Akira Kurita - General Director of TCIT said that TCIT's total throughput volume in the first 6 months of 2021 was expected to attain 1.1 million TEUs, up 13% in comparison to the prior year same period, comprising 42% market share in Cai Mep - Thi Vai deep water ports. Moreover, TCIT has continuously been trusted and selected by shipping lines as a reliable partner to develop and expand their market in Vietnam, specifically in the first 6 months of 2021, TCIT has deployed 3 new service routes, including AA3, AA7 (connecting Vietnam - US) and CI8 (connecting Vietnam - West India) operated by Wan Hai Lines, raising the total number of international service routes at TCIT to 11 routes, including 7 routes to North America, 1 route to the US-Canada, 1 route to Europe and 2 routes to Intra-Asia.

In the near future, so as to meet the market trend and customers demand, TCIT will continue to expand the co-operation, accelerate investment in modern equipment to strive to further improve our service quality, increase the competitiveness, satisfy the increasing requirements of the global supply chain, along with repaying trust of shipping lines and customers while continuously opting for TCIT as a reliable destination of best service quality as well as implementing capability of highest-volume service routes in Vietnam, affirming the position of being the leading deep-water terminal in the country.

Doosan Vina recently completed two shipments over 2,600 tons

Ngày 15/03/2021 lúc 11:43

Doosan Vina recently completed two shipments. One including over 1,000 tons of steel structural components to the Van Phong 1 Thermal Power Plant (VP1 TPP) and the other of 1,602 tons of modules and boiler steel structures for the Sriracha Refinery in Thailand.

Nghe An: Why has the logistics sector not developed?

Ngày 19/04/2021 lúc 11:53

Despite many potentials and advantages available, Nghe An’s logistics sector has not yet really developed and thus, it has not met requirements from enterprises and the economy as well. Currently, its logistics service sector is mainly operating in the field of cargo transport, mostly transport service providers participate in the field.

Government acts, always in companion with enterprises!

Ngày 14/03/2021 lúc 22:44

The COVID-19 pandemic appeared and became increasingly complicated, heavily affecting all countries worldwide, including Vietnam. Although the Government has taken measures to prevent and control in time the spread of the pandemic, and the current Vietnamese economy is quite stable with positive growth in 2020. However, the risk of instability is still lurking because the pandemic is always potentially a recurrence.

Roles of Freight Forwarding Agencies and Logistics Service Providers

Ngày 30/11/2021 lúc 09:28

Freight forwarding/ Logistics plays a very important role in supply chain management and is indispensable in business, production and social life, especially in the time of social distancing as it is now.

Great happiness comes from small habits

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A life of happiness is what everyone wishes for. Psychologists said everyone can have great happiness from tiny things.

Con Dao - a legendary homeland

Ngày 30/11/2021 lúc 09:05

The epidemic of COVID-19 passed and left behind people with pale faces and empty shabby streets. The wound will gradually be healed and streets will be busy and bustling again. Although the tourism sector has been back to its operations, people are not yet eager for trips and adventures. Tourist cities have still been quiet and empty and so has Con Dao been… The island is still staying offshore waiting…