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Musician Nguyen Dinh Tham: Love to the two hometowns

Although he is retired, it took me a week until I could see the musician Nguyen Dinh Tham. Works in Danang, in Hanoi, in Quang Ngai have made him busier than the time he was in office. He said a karma with music has dragged him to places.

Tham was born and grew up in Quang Ngai, and then set up in Danang City

Tham was born and grew up in Quang Ngai, and then set up in Danang City. And he is the one devoted to his two hometowns. For the past 35 years, he has worked in the field of music no matter what he has been doing. After the liberation of the South, Tham joined the army and became a leader of the music troupe of Nghia- Binh Provincial Army Section. Leaving the Army, he then studied at the Art College of Hue, Composition Faculty. Then, he worked in a unit of the electricity sector building the North - South 500kV highvoltage transmission line. He was in charge of the Tia Sang Song and Dance Ensemble, the Ministry of Power. A group of 5 songs about the transmission line at the time earned a certificate of merit from the Prime Minister. He then transferred to Tien Sa Song and Dance Ensemble, he became the head of the Danang Song and Dance Ensemble in 2001 and Director of Trung Vuong Theater (Danang) until he retired.

I was quite surprised when he played his own accompaniment. His voice- an attractive baritone. Besides songs about electric workers at the beginning of his composing careers, he has much interests in writing songs on the love of the country and people. His advantages maybe. Having influence from folk songs of Base 5, and ditties of Quang Nam and Quang Ngai, his songs written in 4/4 time were gentle and lovely. His works seemed to come straight out from inspiration, from pondering thoughts of the land of the Central- the land full of love facing natural disasters in abundance. His heart-touching songs include Danang Tinh Nguoi, Que Son Dat Me An Tinh, Quang Ngai Trong Toi, Huyen Dieu Song Han and Danang Mong Mo; a group of songs Nho Mua Hoa Ven Song, Lang Trong Toi, Dem Xa Lang (set of a poem by Ngoc Hanh)… Besides, he has over 50 songs writing about love and comrades as Mien Trung Que Me, Chi Con Bien Thoi (set of a poem by Ngan Vinh), Don Cac Anh Ve, Tim Lai Loi Ve (set of a poem by Le Ngoc Nam).

I n hundreds of works, there are over 40 songs writing about Danang and about 20 songs writing about his hometown of Quang Ngai- a huge number of songs in a composing-career of a musician

In hundreds of works, there are over 40 songs writing about Danang and about 20 songs writing about his hometown of Quang Ngai- a huge number of songs in a composing-career of a musician. “I love Danang as much as I love my own hometown. Going through streets with daily changes, going under the shade of trees, going on newly built bridges crossing a peaceful Han River, I was overwhelmed with feelings and inspirations. So I wrote Danang Tinh Nguoi” . Besides, Tham also has many songs writing about other regions as Quang Nam, Vinh Phuc, Ninh Binh, Nghe An, Nam Bo, Tay Nguyen…

Tham is a musician who has had lots of awards. Many of his songs earned high awards from the Vietnam Association of Musicians as the 3 songs set of poems by Nguyen Ngoc Hanh Nho Mua Hoa Ven Song, Lang Trong Toi, and Dem Xa Lang. Danang City has given him many awards for his songs as Danang Tinh Nguoi (2nd prize 2004), Huyen Dieu Song Han (2nd prize, 2015- no 1st prize), Danang Mong Mo (2nd prize- 2018)… Tham has also been invited to be a judge for many contests of local level and sector level. Currently, he was invited to be the judge for the song-writing contest about the hometown of Quang Ngai held by the Vietnam Logistics Review Magazine and Seven Stars Trading-Service Ltd., . The contest will end at the end of July 2020. Tham said it is a contest of nation level in terms of scale and award structure- the contest having participation by professional and amateur musicians nationwide. He has an honor to be a judge of a contest writing songs about his beloved hometown- Quang Ngai. “There have been songs writing about Quang Ngai, but few of them was nationwide influenced. I am happy to see the contest held by the VLR. As a member of the board of judges and a musician from the hometown of Quang Ngai, I thank the magazine and Seven Stars Ltd., for holding the contest.

I hope the contest will be successful and there will be great works about the hometown of Quang Ngai”. Yes, it is the purpose of the contest and I believe Nguyen Dinh Tham and other people of Quang Ngai Province, by music, they are able “to understand one another thoroughly, to know the love from one another…”.

The opening ceremony of VnRoyal 4.0 JSC and Talentpace Vietnam

Time 12/11/2020 at 10:28

This morning (11/11), VnRoyal Medical Equipment Supplies Joint Stock Company held the opening ceremony of VnRoyal 4.0 JSC, and at the same time introduced business partner Talentpace Vietnam at Quang Trung Software city.

VnRoyal organized the first international children’s exchange program

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In the morning of January 24th, VnRoyal Joint Stock Company organized the 1st International Children's online Meeting between children at the Que Huong Charity Center and American, Indian and South African children living in the U.S. The meeting was an occasion for the children in the two hemispheres of Vietnam - America to know and communicate with each other.

ASL Logistics: 16 years with firm steps forward

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Amerasian Shipping Logistics Corp. – ASL Logistics has been well-known as but tried so hard for their only one target – becoming the reputed logistics brand name in the South and in Vietnam. With the slogan “Success is one journey to complete the best values over the perfection”, ASL Logistics always creates, improves and absorbs the high-tech advances into their services with the enthusiasm and dynamic attitude.

SP-ITC backed to normal operation after lockdown lifted

16 Giờ trước

On June 17th, International Transportation and Trade JSC (ITC), the company manages and operates SP-ITC International Container Terminal, located Phu Huu Ward, Thu Duc City said in the correspondence that after 3 days of working with the authorities and the Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control related to suspected cases coming to work at the Port, SP-ITC is restored to normal operation from 17:30 on June 16th.

In June, thinking about Journalism with social advancements

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Normally, every year in June- by the date of June 21 - the Vietnam’s Revolutionary Press Day - I have a habit of writing something about my work, my career. Journalism is a field that 30 years ago I started to enter with musical articles at the time in college. Initial steps of my karma. Right after my graduation, I applied for the job as a journalism and I was recruited…

Developing the logistics market: Enterprises take initiatives, The Government supports it

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In the context of increasingly fierce competitions among the economies, logistics service developments will create linkages, bringing sustainable long-term business strategies to logistics service providers. This requires enterprises to take initiatives and the Government’s management agecies to support it with supporting policies.