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Making Thanh Hoa a logistics center of the Northern Central

To facilitate investment attraction and trade, relevant departments, sector and localities of Thanh Hoa province have been implementing the Decision no 2119/QD-UBND dated June 9th, 2020 by the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee in approving the Project of Developing Logistics Services in the Province to 2025, orientation to 2030, which will make Thanh Hoa a logistics Center of the Northern Central.

Making Thanh Hoa a logistics center of the Northern Central

In the process of construction and development of transport infrastructure, Nghi Son Economic Zone and other industrial zones in Thanh Hoa province have affirmed their attractions: attracting many investment projects with relative synchronicity. At the same time, they contribute greatly in shifting labor structure and sector structure, increase the State-budget revenue, offering job opportunities and create a driving force for socio-economic development of the province and the region of Northern Central.

Nghi Son Economic Zone has Nghi Son deep-water port- the largest international port in the Northern central having potentials to be one of the largest ports in Vietnam. According to reports from Thanh Hoa’s Department of Transport, in Nam Nghi Son port, some berths have been invested or have been under constructions (4 general berths of Nghi Son Steel and Iron Company, berth no.6 of Cong Thanh Cement JSC, berths no.7 and no.8 of Long Son Cement Co.,…) and those in preparation for investment (berths no.9 and no.10 of Long Son Cement Co., and others in the container terminal no.2).

With developed transport infrastructure, there will be advantages of exploiting logistics services and multimodal transport for cargo through seaports

On May 9th, 2019, France’s CMA- the third largest container shipping company in the world- decided to open an international container shipping route to Nghi Son. There have been 114 container vessels estimatedly coming in or out the port with 20,000 TEUs of cargo going through the port. It is expected in May, 2021, China’s Container SITC will have research and open a number of route to the Inner Asian countries from Nghi Son.

With developed transport infrastructure, there will be advantages of exploiting logistics services and multimodal transport for cargo through seaports, which will be the potentials and development advantages of Nghi Son seaport in particular and the seaport system of Thanh Hoa province in general. However, according to preliminary statistics, the volume of cargo transported by sea of Thanh Hoa only reaches about 30% of the total amount of cargo circulating through the province every year. To make Thanh Hoa a regional logistics service centers, representative of the provincial Department of Transport revealed there will be coordination with localities and relevant organizations to implement the Decision no.2119/QD-UBND by Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee on approving the Project of Developing Logistics Service in the Province to 2025, orientation to 2030.

Developing sea transport services will help develop ship building and repair industry

The Decision form Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee clearly stated: “Gradually developing the logistics services in Thanh Hoa province in the modern and professional direction with focus points, ensuring quality and effectiveness, actively contributing in the GRDP growth and the State budget revenue; at the same time, supporting other provincial sectors of industry, trade and services to develop… Along with that, the provincial Department of Transport advised the Committee to mobilize resources to invest in key transport works which has connectivity features: connecting seaports and logistics centers to carry out multi-modal transport; to ask investors to speed up seaport projects to gradually complete Nghi Son Port system as planned, to improve exploitation abilities of ports of Nghi Son and Le Mon and to call for investments in Quang Chau Port; to carry out branding work for Nghi Son International Port to attract shippers in Thanh Hoa and neighboring regions to have cargo transport through Nghi Son Port; to call for investment to develop port services, sea transport and logistics in the provincial area; to facilitate large sea transport companies and both foreign and local logistics providers’ activities when they have import-export activities in Nghi Son Industrial Park.

On February 19th, 2021, the People’s Committee of Thanh Hoa Province held a MOU signing ceremony with Asia Investment and Asset Management Joint Stock Company (ASHICO) and its partners on the investment project of the Northern Central Logistics Center and on the infrastructure construction of the Industrial Park No.6 in Nghi Son Economic Zone. It is expected the land area used for the project is 395ha (370 ha of the Industrial Park no.6 and 25ha belonging to the seaport planning). The term of the project is 50 years from the date of the investment certificate granted; the total investment capital is VND 6,000bn.

The Northern Central Logistic Center in Nghi Son Economic Zone- which will be invested, built and put into operation- will create a large source of revenue for the provincial budget. At the same time, it will help develop other sectors and fields related to logistics services. Developing sea transport services will help develop ship building and repair industry. Reducing logistics costs will help reduce costs and improve competition abilities of goods being locally manufactured. The Industrial Zone no.6 and Nghi Son Economic Zone will have modern infrastructures that meet requirements from investors, facilitate business production activities in the economic zone and attract investments. On the other hand, the project offers job opportunities to thousands of laborers, improves the human resource quality and attract high-skilled labor sources from neighboring provinces to Thanh Hoa.

The 9th meeting session of the 14th national assembly: Vietnam with “its double targets”

Time 22/06/2020 at 10:31

At the 9th meeting session of the 14th National Assemly, Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan clearly said the disease of COVID-19 broke up and quickly became the pandemic. It has caused remarkable negative impacts to all economic-socio activities globally. It shut down all activities of production and business; it interrupted trade and investments; it badly affected tourism, culture and daily life.

ASEAN aiming at prosperous life

Time 10/12/2020 at 13:59

Over 5 decades of developments, ASEAN has become an active economic community with the population of over 630 million people and with the total GDP of over USD 3,100 bn (2019) - the fifth largest economy in the world. The achievement came from contributions for business community- from regional large enterprises to medium- sized, small-sized and super small-sized enterprises; from enterprises owned by young businesspeople, start-up businesses and woman-owned business as well.

Saigon Newport: OOCL's invaluable partner

Time 02/04/2021 at 09:11

On the morning of March 26th, 2021, Senior Captain Ngo Minh Thuan- President of Saigon Newport (SNP) and SNP’s officers hosted a meeting with Mr. James Chou - representatives of Orient Overseas Container Line Vietnam (OOCL Vietnam). During the meeting, OOCL Vietnam, on behalf of OOCL Headquarter, present SNP with the “Invaluable Partners” recognition award. This present is an appreciation of the shipping line for the Corporation’s service quality, and values.

In June, thinking about Journalism with social advancements

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Normally, every year in June- by the date of June 21 - the Vietnam’s Revolutionary Press Day - I have a habit of writing something about my work, my career. Journalism is a field that 30 years ago I started to enter with musical articles at the time in college. Initial steps of my karma. Right after my graduation, I applied for the job as a journalism and I was recruited…

Developing the logistics market: Enterprises take initiatives, The Government supports it

Time 11/06/2021 at 08:46

In the context of increasingly fierce competitions among the economies, logistics service developments will create linkages, bringing sustainable long-term business strategies to logistics service providers. This requires enterprises to take initiatives and the Government’s management agecies to support it with supporting policies.

Sunny Dan Ngoc: A prospective singer

Time 29/05/2021 at 08:46

Sunny Dan Ngoc is no longer a strange name to young people today when she has been on many programs and when she released her first album “Noi Buon Day Tim” (Sorrow from The Bottom of the Heart). Being at the start of her career, the girl has quickly received warm attention from her audience with her deep sweet voice when performing ballad musical pieces of songs- the genre she has chosen to follow.