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Industrial University of Vinh: “Learning for future careers, Learning for future wealth”

With the motto of the practical education, Industrial University of Vinh (IUV) designed training courses following the direction “Connecting between university and enterprises”. IUV has currently coordinated and collaborated with many companies and enterprises inside and outside the country, creating many opportunities and favorable conditions for students to experience in real life, work and develop in the professional environment.

IUV with the vision to become the university that can offers diversified training courses at diversified levels that towards the application potential directions, an address having high reputation and quality education (Photo: Pho Ba Cuong)


IUV with the vision to become the university that can offers diversified training courses at diversified levels that towards the application potential directions, an address having high reputation and quality education, step-by-step reaching the National and regional standards and contributing qualified human resources
for the social-economic development of our country. Along with that, IUV has a mission to become a university that can provide for society the good results from the education, scientific research, consultancy, application and technology transfer to serve for the industrialization and modernization of Vietnam under the international integration circumstance.

IUV is oriented towards the liberal education following globalization and internationalization standards, such as: building the suitable education subjects in 4.0 era, enhancing the problem-solving and critical thinking

Industrial University of Vinh is a reputed education address, a location providing a high qualified and multi- disciplinary labor forces for the Middle Provinces and the whole country.

skills and the creativities to improve the adaptation capacity for students in different social and working environments. IUV also promotes the technology application in training activities, education and research (online learning, distance learning, e-library etc.) to improve the reception capacity of learners in the ages of AI and following the flat connectivity trend etc.

IUV currently offers the courses that suitable with the actual demands like: Electronic, electric and machine engineering; Informatics technology; Food technologies; Travel services management and travel agencies; Hotel managements etc.

IUV have quality staff members including professors, Assoc. professors, doctors and masters who work enthusiastically and have many teaching experiences. Besides, the school infrastructure system is also invested heavily with a range of modern equipment and tools, updated training programs in order to create the most favorable conditions for students to study and approach to new technologies and meet the social requirement after graduated.

Introducing members of the Council of the IUV of the term 2020 - 2025 (Photo: Pho Ba Cuong)


IUV identifies that enterprises would be the best place to test for quality of education results, hence IUV has implemented adequately the training methods that directly connects between school and enterprises. Our school often organizes the internship courses for student at different companies, enterprises or groups operating business activities related to the field of education, such as: installing the industrial electric equipment, practices at famous hotels in Nghe An province or in the Middle region.

We also educate the high qualified labors based on orders of the big patners, like: VSIP (in Nghe An province), Vinceglass, Lilama, Muong Thanh Group, Hong Co informatics company or other workshops and vocational training centers. This could be a favorable condition for students to find the suitable jobs with the same educated fields while still sitting on the school desk. Learners who finish the internships in the big enterprises might get the priority to be recruited after graduation, based on the agreement signed with IUV. In addition, our university is willing to receive qualified students who graduate at IUV to continue research, teaching and working for IUV.

Besides, IUV also cooperated with FAJ company (part of Will Group, Japan) to open the training course in language and culture for free. Students will have opportunities to join the labor exporting market to Japan according to the program agreement between IUV and FAJ. The university also has the collaboration with Sejong International Language Academy (Halym University – Korea) to provide training courses about culture, languages and language certification according to Korean standards.

In every year, IUV opens the “Career week” connecting between students and the employers in order to create opportunities for students to seek jobs after graduation. This event has attracted a lot of interest from domestics and international enterprises, companies and corporations.

IUV established a Center for Start-up and job introduction to orient for students different career directions. Our students already got the second-runner up in the 2019 V-2WORKS Enterprise Ideas Competition supported by EU Commission. This project sponsored by EU Commission was to achieve the target: “Strengthening the Vietnamese Higher Education System to improve graduates’ employability and entrepreneurship skills”.

On 23th June 2020, in Vinh (Nghe An province), IUV has successfully hold the Annual General Meeting of shareholders in 2020 to report the education and training activities in 2020 and approve the action plan in 2020. At the Meeting, the university has established and launched the Board of Trustee – Industrial University of Vinh (tenure 2020 – 2025) with 13 members, including the School Leader Board composition with Mr Tran Le Dung appointed at President, Mr Nguyen Dinh Thang and PhD. Le Van Hy both appointed as Deputy Presidents.

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