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ICDST: Affirms the position of a professional 3PL logistics service provider

Located in the center of the key economic Southern quadrangle- a connecting point to the National Roads 1A and 13 with its complete infrastructure and up-to-date technology integrated- from a simple local clearance spot, ICD Tan Cang Song Than, after 20 years of developments, became a logistics complex center providing various forms of services as warehouses, delivery center, transport, and customs procedures. ICDST has had efforts to be in the Top 10 of the Professional 3PL Logistics Service Providers in Vietnam.

ICD Tan Cang Song Than became a logistics complex center providing various forms of services as warehouses, delivery center, transport, and customs procedures

Completed infrastructure with various services provided

Tan Cang Song Than ICD JSC (ICDST) was founded on December 21st, 2000- a member company of Saigon New Port (SNP), the Ministry of Defense. It previously is a local clearance port- the rear area of Saigon Military Port, an extended arm of ports of Tan Cang and Tan Cang Cat Lai. From the time of establishment, generations of ICDST’s leaders and staff have had ceaseless efforts to carry out their special tasks: achieving assigned military tasks and achieving their business production tasks effectively. It has been an extended arm of SNP- being in charge of the task of completing a logistics network nationwide.

In 2020, inspite of impacts from the pandemic of COVID-19, ICDST’s total turnover reached the assigned target- an increase over 12% yearover-year in 2019. In 2021, the company keeps modernizing infrastructure, equipment and building a qualified human resource to meet all needs from customers, helping them increase their competiton abilities and succeed in participating bidding packages to provide logistics services to large shippers and corporations.

ICDST has built, managed and deployed over 225,000m2 of warehouses including bonded warehouses, domestics warehouses, CFS warehouses and delivery centers, properly designed to tasks of consolidation, forwarding, transport and cargo delivery. The warehouse system is equipped with management software as Infor, Smartlog WMS and SAP - EWM, which ensure 24/24 security and with modern equipment that meets various needs from customers.

In addition, there is over 100,000m2 of container yard equipped with modern cargo handling equipment, providing a variety of services such as destination port service, empty container service, and bonded yard service. At the present, ICDST is qualified and reputable to represent shipping lines to carry out tasks of inspection and evaluating container repair items. Other services as cleaning, maintenance and container repair are also provided.

With the advantage of being a member of the system of SPN, ICDST is capable of meeting requirements from customers for road, rail and sea transport... especially container transportation in the regions of the Southeastern, the Central and Tay Nguyen with fast, safe service and the most reasonable cost.

Especially, with experienced staff, ICDST has enough reputation to be on behalf of enterprises to declare with customs office and functioned agencies to complete prescribed procedures quickly, helping save customers’ time and costs. ICDST’s customers also enjoy priority of release cargo in ports of Tan Cang - Cat Lai, Tan Cang - Cai Mep, and other ports belonging to the system of SNP.

Affirming the position of a professional 3PL service logistics provider

With complete infrastructure, large warehouse and yard area, network of SNP facilities nationwide, modern technology foundation, and experienced and enthusiastic staff, ICDST confidently brings to customers nationwide chain of package logistics services: from planning, finding sources of raw materials; transporting materials to factories; storing raw materials and finished products, and performing value-added services; product distribution; managing returned cargo,... Currently, Tan Cang Song Than ICD is known as a logistics complexa professional and modern logistics center in the South and the country as well, which is capable of meeting well needs of import- export and goods to customers in Binh Duong province and surrounding areas.

In 2021, the company keeps modernizing infrastructure, equipment and building a qualified human resource

Talking about development goals in the future, Major Tran Tri Dung- Director of Tan Cang Song Than ICD Joint Stock Company said: “ICDST is striving to be in the Top 10 of professional 3PL logistics service provider in Vietnam. The company is qualified to preside over the logistics service supply network of SNP in Binh Duong - the extension arm of the Corporation's port facilities connecting goods with ports, reducing loads on ports of Tan Cang - Cat Lai and Tan Cang - Cai Mep, contributing to freight forwarding time and logistics costs reduction".

To achieve the above targets, Dung affirmed, ICDST continues to build and pursue values of growth promotion; to invest in modernization of infrastructure and equipment; to promote the application of information technology; to build a team of quality personnel; to build and maintain continuous improving the quality management system to meet customers’ requirements; to expand cooperation with strong partners that have advantages of infrastructure, land, technology platforms, and experience in the logistics industry to enhance competitiveness and increase opportunities to participate in bidding packages of providing 3PL logistics services to customers. At the same time, the company continues to promote SNP's traditional values in achieving assigned targets of military defense and business production.

As the first subsidiary and also the first ICD of SNP in Binh Duong, over the past 20 years, ICDST has preserved and developed the brand of TCSG/SNP, making an important contribution to attracting investments to Binh Duong, together with the military units in the area ensure the safety and security of the area where they are stationed, to do well tasks of mobilization, gratitude, social charity, and contribute to socio- economic developments in the area.

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