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Hai Van 2: Value is not only in hundreds of thousands of safe traffic

According to information from Hai Van Tunnel Management and Operation Enterprise, from the date of operation of the Hai Van 2 tunnel up to now, with a complete tunnel system, each tube circulates one-way, 2-lane circulation has served about 700,000 conveniently transportation safely.

Hai Van 2 tunnel contributes to promoting socio-economic development and national defense and security of the central economic key region

After receiving approval from the State Council for Construction, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) approves the traffic, on January 11, 2021, the Hai Van 2 tunnel under the project. Deo Ca tunnel was inaugurated. With great intelligence, experience and determination, Deo Ca Group and the parties involved in the project had overcome many difficulties, organizing the construction to ensure the correct quality according to design documents and technical standards. Currently, the completion of Hai Van 2 tunnel is nearly 3 months early. The completion of Hai Van 2 tunnel on celebrating the XIII National Congress of the Party and met the huge travel needs of people during the Ox’s New Year (2021).

Hai Van 2 tunnel is the most difficult project in terms of technical and technological solutions in Vietnam

The Ministry of Transport has also assessed that the operation of Hai Van 2 will ensure the operation and operation capacity of Hai Van tunnel, especially before the growth of vehicle traffic 10% - 15% per year, preventing The overload situation in Hai Van 1 tunnel in the past, simultaneously synchronizing the size of 4 lanes on the whole National Highway 1. Thus, the stinging of accident black spots in Hai Van will be minimized. The mourning of memory retreated into the past, expanding trade opportunities for Hue - Da Nang, for the Central region and for the whole country.

Although Hai Van 2 has officially served the society when it is immersed in the traffic artery on National Highway 1A, until now, the overall project still has shortcomings in finance that have not been extended.

To remove completely, such as: The committed state budget capital has not yet disbursed 1,180 billion VND; the adjustment of toll collection mechanism at La Son - Tuy Loan station to reimburse the project as in the signed contract has not been decided by the competent authority. This has a direct impact on the funding and revenues of the project and affects the maintenance of the tunnel operations.

Despite the financial difficulties of the project, Deo Ca Group proactively proposed the authorities to put Hai Van 2 into operation so that vehicles can flow through Hai Van, each tunnel has two lanes. afternoon within 20 days before and after the New Year’s Day (from February 1, 2021).

Over the time operating Hai Van 2 tunnel, the operation management unit said that the traffic volume of vehicles passing through the Hai Van tunnel during the New Year’s Eve increased dramatically. On average, each day, there are about 11,000 to nearly 14,000 vehicles passing through the tunnel.

Inside Hai Van 2 tunnel

Realizing the practical benefits from the operation of Hai Van 2 tunnel to the people, the investor overcame immediate difficulties, ensuring continuous operation of 2 tunnels to serve the great needs of the commune festival.

According to Document No. 3370/ BGTVT-ĐTCT of the Ministry of Transport, from May 1, 2021, there will be an adjustment of ticket prices at the Bac Hai Van toll station to have funding for maintenance management. operation and reimbursement for Hai Van tunnel 2. This fare adjustment is done according to the roadmap of the signed project contract; The ticket price is in accordance with Circular (CCR) 60/2018/ TT -BGTVT for road tunnels, people have the right to choose to use the service.

Thus, the previous obstacles when the Hai Van 1 tunnel had to carry both channels of vehicles in and out was gone. Hai Van Tunnel Management and Operation Enterprise said that Hai Van 1 tunnel is designed to be designed by 2020 only meeting about 12,000 vehicle traffic/day and night. However, during the Lunar New Year in 2019 and 2020, the vehicle traffic has reached 19,000, an average of nearly 800 vehicles/hour. Remember, every time before, during and after the Lunar New Year, Hai Van tunnel is always local congestion due to the sudden increase in the number of vehicles from North to South. Each time like that, the unit managing and exploiting the tunnel must regulate it.

During the opening of the Hai Van 2 tunnel, the traffic traffic in the North - South directions was smooth. In fact, the benefits in terms of travel time, fuel, and safety for people in traffic are great. Traffic congestion no longer exists, average visibility in the tunnel is from 85% to more than 95%, the average speed of vehicles increases from 45km/h to 65km/h. In particular, the average time for vehicles passing through the tunnel has been reduced from about 15 minutes to only about 6 minutes, reducing accidents and avoiding prolonged congestion situations so that the functional forces have to separate the flow. single-lane traffic like before.

At the same time, putting Hai Van 2 tunnel into operation has also made the service of transporting people and motorbikes more convenient and efficient. The number of people riding motorbikes using the tunnel transfer service increases, minimizing the risk of traffic accidents when they have to drive their motorcycle across the pass as before.

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