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Great happiness comes from small habits

A life of happiness is what everyone wishes for. Psychologists said everyone can have great happiness from tiny things.

Spending time for loved ones and for yourself makes you happy

Spending time for loved ones and for yourself makes you happy

Joy normally comes from daily small moments: it can be the time when you listen to your favorite piece of music, when you read an interesting book or when you enjoy a simple breakfast to the full. Or a glass of orange juice can bring you a moment of happiness when you are cared for, when you feel the love and when it brings you energy for a new fresh day.

In addition, orange juice brings you great health benefits for it has a lot of vitamin C, which helps increasing your resistance. Regularly daily use of orange juice will make you fresh and shine and bring you good health.

These reasons explain why an orange-color drink is a smart and healthy choice that makes you happy always.

Great things can be hard to reach, why do not you choose a tiny joy- a glass of sweet orange juice- to be your daily joy?

Eastcoat - A 100% fresh orange juice from Australia

Bottled orange juice is a reasonable and convenient choice for those who are quite busy and want to spend more time drinking orange juice instead of squeezing oranges. However, , choosing a bottled orange juice that completely replaces fresh, natural, healthy oranges is something to keep in mind.

Eastcoat - A  100% fresh orange juice  from Australia

Advice from nutrition experts to consumers: if you choose bottled fruit juice, choose the ones from reputable manufacturers with completely natural products. The Eastcoast juice brand has been known in Australia for its story of the reputation of a three-generation family business with over 50 years of citrus growing. Along with the cultivation experience accumulated through 3 generations of gardening, the Eastcoast brand from 100% fresh oranges is becoming more and more delicious and popular everywhere with the industry's globally recognized food safety confidence by the Australian agriculture sector.

Eastcoast’s progresses of care, transportation, and production all comply with the fresh fruit and vegetable care process (called Fresh care) regulated by the Australian Department of Agriculture. Eastcoast orange juice does not use preservatives, additives, artificial colors or flavors. In terms of sweetness, Eastcoast is sweetened with sugar from the raw orange itself, without the addition of refined sugar, which is very good for users' health.

Eastcoast believes that the product not only brings the fresh taste of pure orange juice, but also complements a balanced diet, leading to better health and a happier life for you.

Good price for Eastcoast combo

Eastcoast is currently having a good price promotion when buying a combo of 3 1-liter orange juice bottles. Please order at: Hotline: 0961 063 063.

Eastcoast orange juice is produced by Blue Ocean ANZ PTY LTD (Australia), imported and distributed by Tan Son Nhat Airport Services Joint Stock Company (SASCO).

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