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FELIX: Touching the real value

Nguyen Van Toan Co - General Director of FELIX

FELIX - Optimizing the needs of buyers and sellers

With the introduction of two applications Felix Agent and Felix Client, FELIX expects to create a business ecology- an interactive environment between buyers (who need services) and sellers (who provide services) using a suggesting path. Then the buyers and the sellers can easily find each other, minimizing intermediate fee to cut cost and reduce expenses for products.

Nguyen Van Toan Co - General Director of FELIX said: “We believe the technology solution can be a “magic medicine” for both service providers (reducing cost and very effective in finding potential customers) and those who need services (finding right agent that meet their current needs)”.

These two applications also have transparent evaluating feedback systems, helping the provider to improve both product quality and services they provide FELIX will base on their experience to help customer identify right information about products and service providers, reducing cases of buying wrong products.

With current technological advantages, a smart phone with the operation system of Android 7.0 up or IOS 10.0 and internet connection, users can easily install free FELIX app. With the FELIX app, users are able to find their suitable products with the best price. At the same time, sellers can find their customers with suitable needs, which help enterprises to cut costs of finding customers.

PVI Insurance, Liberty, FWD Insurance, VietCredit Financial Company, Standard Chartered Bank are partners that signed business cooperation agreements with FELIX

FELIX - Touch for quality

FELIX applications not only aim at companies and enterprises but also aim at farmers’ interests. Famers using the app can actively find their outputs from orders from those who need their products, and enterprises can find those who satisfy their requirements as well...

Felix Technology Solution JSC has been known as a service trading enterprise using technology to optimize business activities in fields of insurance, finance, e-transaction floor, labor transaction floor and real estate investment...

FELIX means ‘happiness and luck” in Latin. With the meaning, FELIX expects to bring customers experiences from using the best products and services. And to please customers and partners, FELIX puts emphasis on its slogan “Touch for quality”. And to give customers and partners best experiences, FELIX keeps improving its system, creating its own prestige and accompanying its customers.

Result of The 1st international logistics photo contest in Vietnam

Time 04/11/2019 at 16:06

Three months after the start, the 1st International Logistics Photo Contest in Vietnam received 1,427 photos from 217 photographers from various countries in the Southeast Asia. After two rounds of scoring, the Board of Judges chose 12 best ones for the awards of the contest.

EVFTA new epoch in Vietnam - EU cooperation

Time 12/07/2019 at 11:04

On June 30th, Vietnam and the European Union (EU) officially signed EVFTA in Hanoi capital. According to the Ministry of Industry Trade, EVFTA has the highest level of commitments in all FTAs that had been signed. The agreement is comprehensive and equal in term of interests for both the EU and Vietnam.

Industry 4.0 a "golden" chance?

Time 23/05/2019 at 11:23

PhD. Phan Xuan Dung had an explanation of Industry 4.0: “This is a revolution featured by unification of various technology fields as 3D printing, biotechnology, new- material technology, automatic technology, robot technology, human- machine integration- an industrial revolution that has had no antecedent”.

The 13th ASEM: Improving Vietnam's customs' stature

Time 11/11/2019 at 10:51

Carrying out its member’s duties in the framework of ASEAN- EUROPE Meeting (ASEM), the General Department of Vietnam Customs successfully hosted the 13th ASEM Customs Directors-General and Commissioners Meeting (13th ASEM Meeting). The meeting took place in 2 days October 9th - 10th in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh.

TBS Logistics: 10 years together to build up the future

Time 08/11/2019 at 16:30

10 years in not a very long time to the development history of an enterprise. However, with its planned business strategies and achievements today, TBS Logistics has affirmed the growth of the brand of TBS Group. And TBS Logistics has always been accompanying its partners and customers to provide them the best logistics services, which is also a contribution to the develop of Vietnam logistics sector.

Rice export facing difficulties

Time 05/11/2019 at 15:23

According the the Department of Agricultural Processing and Market Development, the Ministry of Agriculture and fhf Developfment, Vietnam’s rice export is facing difficulties when the export value of the first 8 months of 2019 reduced 15% year over year in 2018, reaching only USD 2bn.