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Epoch of the Southeast Asia’s internet-based economy

According to the report Southeast Asia E-Conomy, a decade ago, 4/5 Southeast Asian people had no internet connection or limited access to the internet. Nowadays, there are 360m people using the internet in the region and 90% of them having internet connection mainly by their cellphones. Application of e-payment is predicted to surpass over USD 1,000 billion in 2025. ASEAN e-commerce has surpassed e-tourism to be the greatest field of internet-based economy.

Southeast Asia E-Conomy 2019 reports highlighted the most important industrial trend being observed in 2019 and analized temporary and future potentials of the Southeast Asia’s internet-based economy in the six largest markets (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam). The Southeast Asia’s internet economy reached USD 100bn in 2019 for the first time- an increase from USD 72bn in 2018 and it is predicted it will reach USD 300bn in 2025- a 3-time increase- promising to be one of the world’s most attractive and developing online trade. Internetbased economies in Malaysia, the Phillipines, Singapore and Thailand have been increasing from 20%-30% pa and those of Indonesia and Vietnam have been increasing over 40% pa.

61 million people using the internet and a Vietnamese using 3 hours and 12 minutes daily in average on mobile devices.

Trend of mobile trade

Global Web Index researchs showed there are 9/10 people in the aged of 16-64 in Indonesia using the internet, compared to the global average of 75%. There are 360m/ 560m people using the Internet in the region and 90% of them connecting to the internet via mobile devices. The number of people doing so in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam are above the global average; and it is 75% in the Philippines and 73% in Singapore. According to data from, in term of mobile devices, there are three countries in the Southeast Asia in the global Top 5: Indonesia ranked first with 80% of users in the age of 16-64; Thailand ranked second with 74%; the Philippines and Malaysia, over 60%. Thailand’s online tourism is one of the largest sectors in the region with values of USD 9bn in 2019. Internet users in Thailand spend 5 hours 13 minutes a day on mobile devices- the higher duration compared to that of other countries worldwide: 3 hours 13 minutes.

According to Southeast Asia E-Conomy, Indonesia is the contry that has the most contribution to the development of internet-based economy in the region, reaching USD 40bn in 2019 with the growth of 49% yearly in average. As the fourth most population in the world with 264m people, Indonesia will witness a 3-time increase of the internet-based economy in 2025 with USD 133bn. In Malaysia, e-commerce is quickly developed and its government expected it will contribute USD 11bn to its GDP in 2020 with the rate of using the internet of 87.5%.

Expectation to vietnam’s internetbased economy

The increasing number of people of middle class has made Vietnam an attractive market to foreign brands. According to Vietnam’s

Indonesia is the country that has the most contribution to the development of internet-based economy in the region, reaching USD 40bn in 2019 with the growth of 49% yearly in average.

PwC’s survey, an average income of a Vietnamese is around USD 2,009 in 2020 and the number of Vietnamese middle class people will be 44 million in 2020 and 95m in 2030. Nearly half of consumers are willing to spend their income on fashion (49%) and holiday spending (44%) and 2/5 pays for new technology products (40%), besides family entertainment (41%) and housing improvements (42%).

According to the Census Office, the population of Vietnam is around 97m people- 61 million of them using the internet and a Vietnamese using 3 hours and 12 minutes daily in average on mobile devices. And according to the resolution from the Politburo, Vietnam’s e-economy will account for 20% of GDP in 2025, equally to USD 43bn. In 2019, according to reports from Southeast Asia E-Conomy, Vietnam’s e-economy reached USD 12bn and Hanoi and HCMC belonged to the group of 7 cities that have the most developed e-economy in the ASEAN region. It is predicted in coming years, Vietnam will be one of the top investment destinations in digital technology in the Southeast Asia.

There is a poetic soul of Nguyen The Ky

Time 28/04/2020 at 09:51

Talking about a playwright Assoc. Prof. PhD Nguyen The Ky, many people may know that he was a writer of many famous plays which were popularly performed, like Khau Vai love story, Mai Hac De, Dawn, Teacher Ba Doi, Truong Bon Fire flower, A Thousand year of white cloud…In addition to a playwright, he also take other responsibilities as a leader, a member of Central Party Committee, a General director of Radio The voice of Vietnam, a president of Literature Criticizing and Ratiocination Council. Especially, inside the minded leader is a poetic soul full of romance and love and fresh with poetry words about his homeland, family and particularly his adorable grand sons. So far, he already has two volumes of poetry that are: Back to the river and Love for stay…

Doosan Vina continues to hand over two giant STS cranes to Gemalink international port

Time 09/09/2020 at 14:49

Despite having many difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemic's impact, Doosan Vina has made an effort to maintain the business and production. The company today continues to hand over two super-heavy STS (ship-to-shore) cranes to the Gemadept - CMA CGM customer.

A shift wave of the supply chain

Time 22/06/2020 at 15:29

COVID-19 has raised many worries for companies and enterprises, which is a catalyst for the completely change in the supply chain of the current world. If considering in positive way, this could be the time for enterprises to see the new chances or look deeper in the current shortages and difficulties in their supply chains.

Navy Hotel Group: An outstanding experience of space and service

Time 16/09/2020 at 09:27

With various forms of hotels and resorts as coastal resort hotels, airport hotels, and city hotels. The chain of Navy Hotel Group has currently been found in popular tourism locations as Dalat, Cam Ranh and Danang. It is expected that a city in HCMC and a coastal hotel resort in Nha Trang will be open at the beginning of 2021.

Artisan Nguyen Thi Dung: Pottery a full pasion

Time 16/09/2020 at 08:51

In 20 years working with pottery, with all ups and downs in life, it is the passion that helps Nguyen Thi Dung keep her inspiration and creation. Dung always thinks how to keep pottery art away from dying and how to make it go further to local and foreign pottery art lovers.

DKSH achieved solid results in the unprecedented 2020

Time 15/09/2020 at 14:54

At Group level, in the first six months of 2020, DKSH reported solid results in these unprecedented times. Across markets, DKSH continued to reliably supply products and played a critical role in responding to the pandemic. In Vietnam, DKSH also performed remarkably well, attaining slightly better levels than in 2019. This is a great achievement and a testament to our robust business model and strongly committed workforce, who have really stepped up in these challenging circumstances.