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Doosan Vina gets ready for a breakthrough in 2021

The years of 2020 and 2021 are the difficult and challenging years for businesses around the world including Doosan Vina because of negatively impact from COVID-19 epidemic. With the efforts and unanimity of all employees as well as the attention and support of the central and local authorities, Doosan Vina firmly overcomes and maintains production stability.

Export turnover of Doosan Vina reached 53 million USD in 2020, increase 10% compared to 2019 and is expected to be stable in 2021

In the New Year's greeting held on February 17th, Doosan Vina CEO Jeong Young Chil outlined strategic goals and directions for business development in 2021 and the following years, asking all employees to strengthen solidarity into a team. At the same time, striving to achieve the goal of self-bidding ability while quickly adapting to the changes of business environment, not only focusing on current key products but also diversifying business products.

In the coming time, Doosan Vina will strengthen the localization of products according to the government's policy, promote technology and technology transfer to Vietnamese staff, engineers and subcontractors as well as partners, to help each other develop and contribute to building a strong heavy industry sector for Vietnam”, shared Jeong Young Chil.

Materials and products of Doosan Vina are in the production process for domestic and foreign projects

In achievement, only in the first two months of Y2021, Doosan Vina has successfully exported and delivered 123 shipments weighing nearly 4,500 tons to Sriracha refinery (in Thailand), Sodegaura Biomass Power Plant & Onahama Port (in Japan) and Nghi Son 2, Van Phong 1 BOT and Song Hau 1 Thermal Power Plants (in Vietnam). The company also achieved a new Letter of Acceptance to supply two additional super giant STS cranes for Gemalink, in BR-VT province.

Doosan Vina's workers are busy producing multiple projects at the same time to meet the delivery schedule

Currently, the workload at three Doosan Vina manufacturing shops is still at stable status. They are implementing many projects at the same time for domestic and foreign customers such as: Nghi Son 2 Thermal Power Plant (Thanh Hoa); VP1 Steel Structure and VP1 Coal Bunker for BOT Van Phong 1 Thermal Power Plant (Khanh Hoa); Heurtey Heater Radiant Section, Top Fired Heater (in Thailand); Sodegaura, IUK Conveyor System, MHIEC Fushimi Kankyo (Japan); and Jawa # 9, # 10 (Indonesia).


Ngày 25/06/2021 lúc 10:03

Those who immigrated here from the North have the same comment:” It is much milder in the South than out there”. But some others, including me, have found there is a distinguished charming beauty in the climate out there- as characters of a young girl who is hard to please.

New highest handling record per mother vessel in vietnam achieved by Tan Cang - Cai Mep international terminal

Ngày 19/06/2021 lúc 15:48

Within less than 7 days, new handling records per mother vessel at TCIT have been continuously set, starting with 14,235 TEUs on MEISHAN BRIDGE on 10 Jun 2021, then experiencing the record-breaking trend while exceeding the previous one with 15,615 TEUs on MONACO BRIDGE at 09:00 on 19 Jun 2021. This is also recorded as the highest volume per vessel ever handled in Vietnam, making an important contribution to affirm and enhance the position of Vietnam's seaport industry in general and Cai Mep - Thi Vai deep-water port area together with TCIT in particular.

International sea transport in the first six months of 2021

Ngày 10/09/2021 lúc 17:01

Unprecedented increase in freight rates due to a shortage of containers; congestion incident in the Suez Canal; the pandemic of COVID-19 lasting since 2020 becoming more serious with the Delta variation and sweeping over countries in Asia as India, the South of China and Southeast Asian countries is causing shortage of stevedoring workers in ports, including those in the U.S; human resource crisis in the global maritime sector with the difficulty of providing adequate care for some 1.7m seafarers… These consecutive shocks have caused impacts to the sea transport market in the first six months of the year and direct impacts to Vietnam’s activities of production and import-export as well.

Roles of Freight Forwarding Agencies and Logistics Service Providers

Ngày 30/11/2021 lúc 09:28

Freight forwarding/ Logistics plays a very important role in supply chain management and is indispensable in business, production and social life, especially in the time of social distancing as it is now.

Great happiness comes from small habits

Ngày 30/11/2021 lúc 09:13

A life of happiness is what everyone wishes for. Psychologists said everyone can have great happiness from tiny things.

Con Dao - a legendary homeland

Ngày 30/11/2021 lúc 09:05

The epidemic of COVID-19 passed and left behind people with pale faces and empty shabby streets. The wound will gradually be healed and streets will be busy and bustling again. Although the tourism sector has been back to its operations, people are not yet eager for trips and adventures. Tourist cities have still been quiet and empty and so has Con Dao been… The island is still staying offshore waiting…