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Deoca traffic infrastructure investment JSC: Standing straight in the storm of epidemic

The pandemic of COVID-19 striking nationwide has made many enterprises suffered and stop their operations. In the context, Deoca traffic infrastructure investment JSC (HHV), with determination and solutions, has made their own changes, adapting the situation to develop and contributing to the fight against the pandemic for a better tomorrow.

HHV - Standing straight in the storm of epidemic

Cadaptive to the stage of “new normality”

As the 4th wave of the pandemic struck Vietnam, HHV has urgently implemented guidance from the Government and local authorities: fulfilling the ‘double target’- fighting against the pandemic and achieving economic developments.

In difficulties and dangers, people always wish to return home and be with their families. Looking at flows of people from the epidemic area in confusion and fear, including the elderly and children, we could not help but feel sorry. If we can help them reduce dangers and hardship on the way home, even if it is hard, we are very willing to do. Helping people get home safely is our joy, our honor.
Nguyen Quang Huy, General Director of HHV

Lives and health of the staff have been set as top priorities. The 5K principle as recommended by the Ministry of Health has been efficiently implemented. In addition, disinfection spraying of the entire workplace has been carried out periodically; masks, gloves, face shields, antiseptic solutions, and temperature measuring devices have been fully provided.

During the time, the staff has been assigned to “stick” full time at their work place. Outside contact has been kept to the minimum. To frontline workers as the staff at the toll booths, they were given priority to be vaccinated. So far, HHV’s entire staff has been given the first vaccination.

HHV’s leaders have gradually built up a fortress to fight against the pandemic, where their employees work confidently and dedicate themselves, day and night, to fulfill their assigned responsibilities and tasks.

In the days when the whole country has been struggling against the pandemic of COVID-19, HHV’s production and business machinery has still been operating regularly, jobs and incomes of employees have still been guaranteed. “Wage debt”, “salary cut” in this difficult context is common in many enterprises, but there are none of them in HHV.

HHV has urgently implemented guidance from the Government and local authorities: fulfilling the ‘double target’- fighting against the pandemic and achieving economic developments

The efforts of the Company’s leaders were most evident when the Hai Van Tunnel Transshipment Station Enterprise of HHV or some other departments in turn had to suspend their operations to ensure disease prevention. Nearly 100 officers and employees of the Enterprise faced the risk of being unemployed. Determined not to let their workers worry about their daily lives, HHV’s Board of Directors asked the Hai Van Tunnel Transshipment Station Enterprise to urgently arrange suitable jobs. The jobs that the Company used to hire workers from outside, are now performed by the employees, and they were trained and guided to quickly adapt to new tasks.

This step in the “new normality” of HHV not only ensures a steady source of income for officials and employees, but also saves a great deal of costs used for hiring employees. The use of human resources in the Company at this time also ensures that epidemic prevention is strictly controlled.

In response to the attention of the leadership, the workers here temporarily put the homesickness aside to focus on epidemic prevention awareness and diligent production. Nguyen Thi Luong, employee of Bac Hai Van Toll Station, said: “Personally, like many brothers and sisters here, living and working together at the station, we are so homesick. Understanding us, the board of leaders regularly inquires and encourages us, creating the most favorable conditions for us to “fight”. In addition to the guaranteed benefits, we are also supported with meals and arranged accommodation. I really appreciate the attention from the company. We believe that our Deo Ca Transport Infrastructure Investment Company, with the consensus from the leadership to the employees, will firmly overcome this period and continue to develop.”

Helping the community fight the pandemic

HCMC and southern localities are currently in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Prime Minister has requested localities to create all favorable conditions in receiving people from these regions to return to their localities to avoid the epidemic. Not standing on the sidelines, HHV has shown its responsibility to the community with specific actions, contributing to the local authority of Danang City, transiting people who ride motorbikes from HCMC and southern provinces to go home through Hai Van tunnel for free.

Pham Hoang An- Director of Hai Van Tunnel Transshipment Operation Station Enterprise said: “Over 20 staff members fully equipped with protection gear quickly participated in the scene. It has been the most special task since. After 13 days from June 26, we could transit over 1,000 people and 7,000 motorbikes safely through Hai Van Tunnel. Teams of vehicles driving, motorbike wheeling and people guiding worked at full capacity to help people and to ensure epidemic prevention”.

Previously, on July 23, HHV cooperated with Deo Ca Group and Bamboo Capital Group to support transport vehicles to help Binh Dinh province receive and transport local people back from HCMC and southern provinces. Accordingly, about 1,000 people in Binh Dinh from Phu Cat Airport were promptly and safely transported to a concentrated isolation area for local health authorities to collect samples for COVID-19 screening testing.

Deo Ca Transport Infrastructure Investment Co. today, even in the most difficult circumstances, has constantly been moving, continuing to take steady steps in the development of the country’s transport infrastructure system and has not stopped dedicating to the community, for the lives of Vietnamese people.

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