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Bring enterprises back to the "the race" of economic recovery

To recover and develop the logistics service sector in the time of post pandemic, in the year of 2020- 2021, Vietnam’s logistics service sector should focus on 3 main matters: finance, business activities and applying science technology together with improving human resource. The Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA) has suggested solutions to help logistics enterprise to overcome the crisis to have normal operation as they used to.

According to VLA’s survey, the pandemic has had impact on 20%- 50% of the members’ activities (both activities and turnover): sectors of air logistics service, road and railroad suffered the most. Some enterprises have production shut- down and others face the risk of going bankrupt if the pandemic lengthens.

However, from the objective point of view, the pandemic is also an opportunity for logistics service providers have a look at their strategies of business activities, diversifying their markets of service providing. This is also an opportunity for logistics enterprises to find ways of cooperation and recover damages from the crisis.

VLA sent a report to the Ministry of Planning and Investment suggesting solutions to solve problems for logistics enterprises, that is, Vietnam’s logistics service sector should focus on 3 main matters: finance, business activities and applying science technology together with improving human resource.


One of the most difficulties all logistics service providers is facing is to solve the matter of finance. To solve the matter, VLA suggested the Government should have specific policies to assist logistics service providers in the rest of 2020 and 2021.

Disbursing credit packages and assisting packages to assist enterprises and laborers, ensuring social security. And logistics service enterprise can make good use of these packages and use them efficiently in expanding their business and develop their logistics service providing markets.

Reducing fees on transport infrastructure structures, for example, reducing sea-port fees (not including stevedoring fees, only foreign shipping companies have advantages because they collect high stevedoring extra fees at ports); reducing airport fees. Reducing 50% or offering free use of seaport infrastructure in Hai Phong in the period of a year; reducing transport costs; reducing 20%- 30% of fees of using BOT roads and expressways for cargo transport trucks in the period of 6 months – 1 year.

The Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Finance should have control methods on foreign container shipping companies on not allowing them to have extra fees or increase fee in the period of 6 months after the pandemic. Having tight control on seaports, depots, CFSs and ICDs on not allowing fee on container stevedoring, warehousing and other extra-fees to help import- export and logistics enterprises.

Business operation

To help enterprises not depend too much on their traditional markets and customers, the Government, with the support from foreign embassies and commerce offices, improves international cooperation, business promotion and introduces new customers and markets to enterprises. At the same time, the Government should facilitate developments of cross-border transport and multi-modal transport by working with neighbor countries to solve problems in accordance to particular suggestions from enterprises in the process of doing business.

Vietnam should have a long-term strategy when over 90% of its import-export goes through sea ports. There should be quick development of deep-water seaports for local and global activities, especially when Vietnam is becoming a regional production and import-export center. The U.S and Japan are having plans to withdraw factories producing necessities out of China and move them to Southeast Asia countries.

Enterprises should make good use of new- generation FTAs, especially EVFTA. Governmental management offices should have more guidance works to enterprises to carry out these agreements and there should be good cooperation mechanisms among ministries and sectors in guidance of enterprises as well.

Applying science and technology and improving quality of the human resource

After the pandemic, an important matter for enterprises coming back to their operation is mostly based on the fact if the human resource enables to meet requirements of recovery and business expansion from the enterprises. The time of crisis is also the time enterprises have to improve their operation machinery and the use of science technology to improve their competition abilities and cut costs.

In a report to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, VLA suggested the Government/ the Ministry of Science Technology financially sponsor VLA to carry out the project e.DO. In the Decision No 283/QD-TT dated February 19th, 2020 by the Prime Minister, the Government stated in development target to 2025, the logistics service sector is a potential service sector that need to be developed. The e.DO projects is one of action plans on the direction of digitalization in the field of logistics. VLA will support enterprises to carry out the task as pushing up the research of e.DO and having exchanges with large enterprises applying new technology solution in the field of logistics services, helping new members use it in their daily activities.

Besides, VLA has suggested the Government/ the Government Office sponsor VLA to carry out research on Regional logistics index. The pandemic showed that most of locales’ activities were carried out for the sake of regional interests. The regional logistics index will help regional management offices and local authorities as well have a better look at logistics connection among regions in the area so that they can have more suitable mechanisms.

Insurance profiteering

Time 24/08/2020 at 11:26

Insurance profiteering was an illegal act to seek profits from insurance enterprises. Insurance profiteering might be subject to administrative penalty, civil liability, and criminal liability provided for in Article 213, Article 214 of the 2017 Penal Code taking effect from January 1st, 2018. Here were some acts of insurance profiteering for readers’ reference.

Opportunity for Vietnam’s enterprises

Time 13/03/2020 at 08:58

On February 12th, 2020 the European Parliament ratified the Europe-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) with massive votes for of 66.33%. EVFTA is considered as a lever for Vietnam’s economic developments. It is expected to bring great opportunities in trade and opportunities to enter the market of USD 18,000bn. EVFTA is expected to come into effect in July 2020.

Doosan Vina continues to hand over two giant STS cranes to Gemalink international port

Time 09/09/2020 at 14:49

Despite having many difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemic's impact, Doosan Vina has made an effort to maintain the business and production. The company today continues to hand over two super-heavy STS (ship-to-shore) cranes to the Gemadept - CMA CGM customer.

VnRoyal JSC connects love

Time 16/01/2021 at 08:21

On January 9th, VnRoyal Joint Stock Company successfully hosted an online meeting between Mr. Sim Dunn and his wife (in the U.S.) with the children at Que Huong Charity Center.

Doosan Vina manufactures and exports 2,195 tons of fired heater to Thailand

Time 11/01/2021 at 16:09

On the morning of January 11, 2021, at Dung Quat Economic Zone, Quang Ngai province, Doosan Vina opened the New Year 2021 with the shipment of 2,195 tons of raw fuel heating support equipment under the TOP Fired Heater project for South Korea JNK Heaters customer after more than a year of production.

Tan Cang - Cai Mep International Terminal (TCIT) awarded Green Port 2020

Time 07/01/2021 at 10:10

In the early days of 2021, Tan Cang - Cai Mep International Terminal (TCIT) was awarded Green Port Award by the APEC Ports Service Network (APSN) Council, becoming the second terminal of Vietnam that achieved this award after Tan Cang Cat Lai (in 2017), enhancing the position of TCIT in particular and Vietnam seaport system in general.