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Brand communication on digital platforms: Brand storytelling is the core

The development of digital platforms has created diversity in the choices of organizations to have more, closer, and deeper approach to the public. However, using many tools and appearing on many platforms is the “path”, what each user remembers is the message, the “story” of each brand. Therefore, brand communication on a digital platform is still “Brand Storytelling”- the core.

In Vietnam, the brand Biti’s has been very popular to the public for over 30 years


In Vietnam, the brand Biti’s has been very popular to the public for over 30 years. To reposition the brand and connect it to the “life story”, Biti’s returned to a friendlier image, but no less of personality when it targeted the Vietnamese young people. In 2001, Biti’s used to attach its image to “Lac Hong bloodline” with speedy footsteps of the young generation’s to the new millennium; the most impressive one was probably that of 2016 with “Di De Tro Ve” – “Go so far to return”.

Bitis’ story did not sound like Airbnb’s story of realism, did not sound like LEGO’s story of magic, but it is about a daily thing that we normally forget its presence. No matter how long you go, no matter how far you go, no matter who you are and how you are, there is always a place for you to return.

In 2021, Biti’s once again created more attention when introducing products with Vietnam’s features carrying the spirit of “Vietnam’s pride” to honor the miracles Vietnam did in the fight against the pandemic of COVID-19. Biti’s had made good use of all channels to approach its customers on the Internet. At the first step, Biti’s used musical videos with the new approach: the product was not simply “appear in MVs” but the product was an “inspiration to create MVs”. With participation of famous singers at each time as Soobin Hoang Son (2016), Son Tung (2017), Den Vau and Justa Tee (2021), Biti’s has created a big wave in the online community in Vietnam.

And it is probably the fulcrum for viral waves of Biti’s’ MVs to increase rapidly and occupy users’ spotlight on the Internet. For example “Di de tro ve” (season 1) had over 80m views on youtube, “Di ve nha”-“Coming Home” (2021) had 87m views on youtube. So far there has been no footwear brand in Vietnam having a story about “love, the meaning of life” which has been more mentioned than that of Biti’s’.


It is impossible not to mention LEGO- one of the most iconic branding stories. As a worldwide -awareness toy brand, LEGO has built thousands of stories about itself with a core content “Miracle comes from pieces”. Surprisingly, customers who use LEGO products are children; LEGO stories have been created by adults.

LEGO has built thousands of stories about itself with a core content 'Miracle comes from pieces'

One of them was the story about David Aguilar, who built a prosthetic arm with LEGO pieces- an incredible feat of dexterity and engineering. Aguilar was able to do his first push-up with the prosthetic part and sharing his story will certainly help inspire and motivate others to achieve such a thing- a proof to the empowerment LEGO can give its customers who can do whatever they wish for with a LEGO product (


I n the past few years, Airbnb has become a brand and possibly been an Agoda-like reference for travelers worldwide. Luxstay or Urban Getaway in Vietnam is an Airbnb model. Airbnb is an e-trade transaction floor where a person can have his house/ room rented and travelers can use Airbnb website or application to book rentals by destination locations.

Airbnb has become a brand and possibly been an Agoda-like reference for travelers worldwide

Airbnb’s story is a customer’s story. Airbnb creates an online space for renters to talk about their stories and tenants to talk about their impressions. “Stories from the Airbnb community” has become an inspiration for their campaign of brand repositioning to create photos and footages about those who used Airbnb’s services, which make Airbnb’s virtual environment become a real life with real experiences. Airbnb has created a story about “real” experiences with it. Besides, Airbnb regularly spreads their stories on its own YouTube channel with over 200,000 followeres and publishes the content in magazines to give further details about customers’ experiences at Airbnb’s destinations. The lesson from Airbnb is the story about realism with two biggest question “Who tells and what did they tell about?”.

Nghe An: Why has the logistics sector not developed?

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Despite many potentials and advantages available, Nghe An’s logistics sector has not yet really developed and thus, it has not met requirements from enterprises and the economy as well. Currently, its logistics service sector is mainly operating in the field of cargo transport, mostly transport service providers participate in the field.

Disputes on time bar

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“Time bar meant a time limit during which entities/ individuals were entitled to sue, requesting the Court to resolve civil cases to protect their infringed legitimate rights and interests; if that time limit ended, the right to sue was lost” (Clause 3 Article 150 of 2015 Civil Code). However, paying billions of VND just because of not knowing that the time bar already expired or there were cases where the time bar was “unlimited” (law suit could be started at any time), or “extended” (time excluded from time bar) through some lawsuits below so that you could see the importance of time bar.

Still a peaceful spring

Time 17/03/2021 at 10:48

This year, people nationwide welcome the year of the Ox 2021 in a different manner while enjoying spring and complying with regulations on prevention of outbreak of COVID-19. For the year of the Ox, health is the most precious wish we can give to each other during Tet holiday. Entering the new year, everyone wishes peace, and Vietnam will resiliently overcome difficulties with the hope "the sun will shine after the rain", recover and develop after a hard year due to the affect of COVID-19.

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In the context of increasingly fierce competitions among the economies, logistics service developments will create linkages, bringing sustainable long-term business strategies to logistics service providers. This requires enterprises to take initiatives and the Government’s management agecies to support it with supporting policies.

Sunny Dan Ngoc: A prospective singer

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Sunny Dan Ngoc is no longer a strange name to young people today when she has been on many programs and when she released her first album “Noi Buon Day Tim” (Sorrow from The Bottom of the Heart). Being at the start of her career, the girl has quickly received warm attention from her audience with her deep sweet voice when performing ballad musical pieces of songs- the genre she has chosen to follow.