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ASL Logistics: 16 years with firm steps forward

Amerasian Shipping Logistics Corp. – ASL Logistics has been well-known as but tried so hard for their only one target – becoming the reputed logistics brand name in the South and in Vietnam. With the slogan “Success is one journey to complete the best values over the perfection”, ASL Logistics always creates, improves and absorbs the high-tech advances into their services with the enthusiasm and dynamic attitude.

Through 16 years of establisment and development, ASL Logistics has not limited themselves in any fixed frames but tried so hard for their only one target – becoming “Your true logistics partner”.


The year 2020 – a storming year to all economic sectors in the social life when many countries have been facing the COVID-19 pandemic that put the most serious impacts on the import-export activities. Under this circumstance, ASL Logistics quickly suggested several urgent, strategic and creative soulutions related to sale business and customer services. As a result, ASL Logistics not only overcomed the difficulties but also make the challenge become a good opportunity. At the end of 2020, ASL Logistics had the growth index with two numbers. This result is considered as a remark for the stable development of the brand name called ASL Logistics.

With 16 year experiences, ASL Logistics has been famous for the strong growth in logistics area, providing the optimal services and contributing to the overal development of Vietnam’s Logistics. At the 2020 Vietnam’s Logistics Forum, Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Trade awarded the certificate of merit to ASL Logistics for “Excellent achievements in the contribution and development of logistics services in Vietnam". To achieve this impressive award, it should thank for the efforts and dedication of the staff with over 200 members – the colorful puzzles to create the solid ASL Logistics today.

Currently, ASL Logistics provides all transportation services with full offers and stable connection with the supply chain, following the professional international standards, including:

International multi-modal transportation; Sea freight and Air freight Forwarding; Direct Consolidate to US, Australia, Europe and all ports in over the world; Customs broker house; Worldwide door to door services; Packaging, Warehousing and valued added service; Domestic trucking and combine truck and Train services; Project Cargoes Handling; Sourcing, import/export, and trading; E-Commerce for B2B and B2C; Cold storage chain; Trucking Cross border to Laos and Cambodia with over 50 vehicles and over 100 trailers.

Turn into 2021, ASL Logistics will continue affirming the outstanding development in terms of customer satisfication for their service quality and gaining the reputation in both domestic and international market. Besides, with the impressive achievements, the ASL Logistics team will always try so hard to improve skills and follow the direction to develop the company sustainably in the future, that deserves the name “Your true logistics partner”.


In Oct 2018, ASL Logistics defeated over 100 competitors and became an offical partner of the digital platform B2B in Vietnam, that was a member of Alibaba group. This was the target that ASL Logistics tried to reach for the purpose of connecting and supporting the Vietnamese manufacturers in online export activities; bringing Vietnam’s products to over the world throught the E-commerce B2B channel and expanding the export trade effectively and quickly.

The company managers always acompany with the staff of ASL Logistics and continousely try to improve the working skills in order to develop the company sustainably in the future, that deserves the name called “Your true logistics partner”.

In Apr 2019, ASL continued reaching the new target. To meet the increased demand for domestic and international logistics trades, ASL Logistics coordinated with Ryobi Holdings group who has over 100 years working in logistics area in Japan to provide the Cold Chain Logistics. The focus of this partnership was to build cold warehouses for storing and transporting frozen goods, that helped to lower the logistics costs for businesses operating in Vietnam.

On the 15th anniversary (25th Jan, 2005 - 25th Jan, 2020), ASL Logistics was honored to receive the Certificate of Merit from the HCM City People's Committee for the contribution to the socio-economic development of the City.

The way to the success is rarely is straight. Although ASL Logistics know that the future way is still full of challenges and difficulties, however, it is surely that ASL Logistics always put their understandings and heartly efforts through each products and service in order to bring the opitmal benefits and the best quality to the customers. In the future, ASL Logitics will develop not only in the Southeast Asia but also the world and succesfully build the international brand name. This is a cherished ambition on the tireless journey after the significant cooperation that has the pioneering meanings and present the long- term vision of ASL Logistics managers.

ASL Logistics realizes and evaluates that the success is not only in the business but also in the serving attitude towards community and the environmental protection. The company had applied multiple tools for saving energies and natural resources in their all activities under the superivion of authorities and this already brought the positive impacts on the society and people.

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